Thursday, April 02, 2009

The Billionaire Next Door Jessica Bird

Bloody Hell. The things I learn after.

This book was the first in a series about three brothers. Guess what? No plans on the horizon to come back to it. I really wanted to read Mac's story. Ah well. I have a few more from Bird's back list yet.


The Billionaire Next Door is awesome.

It was just what I needed, a story with two people falling in love. Sure there were the misunderstandings waiting in the wings but I knew they were going to show up because He-llo, Silhouette Special Edition.

Cindy Blurb: Sean O'Banyon is rich, like the title says and has made his way up from nothing. He's used to the world he lives in and sees every one around him for what they are, sharks in suits.

What the world doesn't know about O'Banyon is that his father was an alcoholic and abused him and his brothers, Mac and Billy during most of their childhood. The brothers left that life behind and never spoke of it again.

Lizzie Bond is the downstairs neighbour of an old gruff man who has been her friend for a few years. It is a sad time for her when he dies of a heart attack and she is finally allowed to call a number for a son, Sean O'Banyon.

There are lots of hurdles here.

Lizzie is a nurse working two jobs to make ends meet and lives a fairly simple life helping out her upstairs neighbour. She is a great heroine who is able to see pain in people and recognize when to push and went to let go. To say Lizzie is living pay check to pay check is generous but she is not a person looking for handouts. I really enjoyed her mother in the story as well.

Sean, meanwhile, meets Lizzie and feels refreshed. She doesn't recognize him or want anything from him. She's just attracted to the man and Sean avoids telling her who he is or what his father did to him and his brothers.

Thinking on it, Sean got lucky cause not many people could forgive as much a Lizzie did.

Halfway through the story Sean finally tells her who he is and she is shocked and upset. Why did a rich man let his father languish all alone. Sensing more to it Lizzie lets her anger go and once again they start down the path of falling in love.

The revelations are left until almost the very end which did give the reader more time to see Lizzie and Sean fall in love instead of having to deal with things extremely heavy at the beginning of a relationship. In the end, I enjoyed the romance and the sexiness and I, of course, wanted to know more about the other two brothers. Okay, I want to know more about Mac.


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LinnieGayl said...

I really liked this too, Cindy, and am so frustrated that the other brothers' stories haven't been written.

nath said...

Ohhh, sounds pretty good indeed :) However, the father abused the sons as in beat them up?

CindyS said...

LinnieGayl - Now we need to worry they'll come with 'brother' baggage ;) Did you notice the best friend of Sean - Butch!!

Nath - yeah, the father would get drunk and then go after the boys. The oldest is Mac and he took most of the beatings so you only get a glimpse of what happened but I liked how the heroine only saw one part of the father and her reaction when she found out on her own was well done also.


ReneeW said...

Reviews for this book keep popping up and they are always good. I guess that means I should put it on my list. BTW, I see you have a new blog template and it is fabulous. Great job on the review.