Monday, March 30, 2009

Still Here!

Inspiration has been - well, lacking.

Things I can tell you:

1. My sleep is waging a war against me. Who will win is anyone's guess.

Okay, it'll kick my ass and take names but I figure now is as good a time as any to let my body ooze out any 'over' chemical stuff.

2. Our mattress has had it. There is a friggin' divot on my side of the bed and I wake up with aches and pains everywhere. Makes me sad because the bed used to rock! Bob doesn't want to have to put money out for a new mattress but waking up not feeling great is no way for me to carry on.

3. One of Bob's brother's is in a pickle which means for the next year at least we'll be giving him money out right. 5 Brothers have agreed to pick up the slack of one of the other brothers (the other, other brother lives in a home and we wouldn't think of burdening him with this). Thing is, Bob is not sure he can trust a certain member of his family to make good on his promise. Having just locked in our mortgage, getting a new 'bill' of 235 bucks a month was so not on my agenda.

I would rather pay the full amount and be done but Bob wants to try and do it from cash - I get it - no really I do, but it makes it a bit more complicated for me to keep all the damn squawking ducks in a row! Friggin' things keep running around and switching spots with each other. I'm always better once I get an idea of how the chips will fall. Then it's more about moving money where it needs to be and not worrying that I have lost a payment somewhere.

Okay, bad bitching from me. I like to be organized when it comes to money but too many changes this month have made me a grumpy bill payer. Eg. We also took the insurance off two vehicles so that savings it not a savings because it will go towards the 'bill' mentioned above.

4. I'm in a mood. I can't nail it down but Bob took one look at me and said 'you look lost' and that's exactly how I felt.

5. I have a Jessica Bird book being carried around with me so I can get my read back on. I have errands to do in about 12 different stores and when you wake up achy and more hungry than you should be, well, I'm not all happy sunshine.

6. Finally I was working on the AAR mini poll for the past few weeks but with all the aches and pains I found it hard to sit and do my normal work. So it all piled up to the last two days. I will not be doing that again!

Anyways, we'll see what I can get done today. Having easier to cook meals would help. I stood in the kitchen tonight with a dazed look on my face for about 15 minutes because I couldn't think of any thing I could make myself. Toast and peanut butter it was.

Okay, off to bed with me.

Bob and I now have a joke about the bed. I told him he's fine because he is sleeping on the 'hump' in the middle of the bed. So tonight he tried to snug in and said 'hey, you're sleeping on the hump!!

Yeah, now let's see how you feel after sleeping in a divot all night!


Bad Cindy is definitely lurking.


Rosie said...

Still loving your new look. It makes me smile every time it loads for me to comment.

About the mattress, not good sleep = stress. Stress=anxiety. Anxiety = CRex. Tell Bobby to reconsider on the mattress. You won't regret it. Good sleep is so important. I know cuz I'm not getting any.

C2 said...


Have you considered a feather bed as a temporary measure? I love mine!

CindyS said...

Rosie - the bird makes me happy too. Bob would buy me a new mattress but I'm going to try and sleep on our older mattress (which was fine but a queen and we soooo needed a king) to see if the kinks work themselves out. Poor Bob. 'But, it's a small bed and we won't fit.' We fit fine just so you know, there's just a certain someone who rolls from one side of the bed to the other. Wing nut ;)

C2 - I have thought of a feather bed except I would freak out from the poking. I am the person the heroine from the Princess and the Pea was based on. Bob can't believe when I sit up and find a small grain of sand in the bed.(we have kitties) He used to eat in the bed but knows better now - I've bonked the poor guy on the head in the middle of the night and yelled 'crackers!? you ate crackers in the bed!?'

I think men could sleep on boulders.


nath said...

That sucks about the mattress. What is the point of sleeping if you wake up not feeling great afterwards? :(

That's nice of Bob and his brothers to help out the one in needs... and that they share the bills. My dad's siblings just flat-out asks for money and most of the time, my dad is the only one giving :(

CindyS said...

Nath - we've discovered one brother is probably a psychopath liar. The other brother is cheap and cries poor whenever money comes up - meanwhile he just got back from his second vacation in Disney in 4 months.

Bob got everyone to sign a piece of paper but it's not legal or anything. We're hoping it stays glued but I think a few of us are on pins and needles.

I didn't mean this bad when I said it to Bob but I'm lucky my parents are still alive because they are the ones helping my brother out (lost his job and has been working on and off for 4 years). I couldn't imagine if I had to come up with money for him cause it's just not there.

Scary business this is.


C2 said...

I have Princess-and-the-pea tendencies too. LOL And a good feather bed has a heavy enough covering that feathers poking through the fabric almost never happens (like maybe twice for me in 5 years). Or some have down on top - like a pillow-topped mattress - no poking with those, either. :o)