Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Blah - Da!

I'm in the midst of too many things. I do this whenever my hubby has to go away. Bob left yesterday (Sunday) which was just as well as I was in a Midol daze and slept through most of the day.

Today I've been hyper. That also happens when Bob leaves. I get all chatty on the phone and can't stop talking to him when we finally have a minute to talk. Poor guy practically falls asleep while I'm telling him about how I went and picked up some cat food.

I'm so awake today I can barely stand myself. It's hard to explain but I'm normally even keeled and we know I like naps but on days like this it's like I'm over stimulated by every thing. I can't sit still, I will start major projects that in the long run will not get done cause again, normally sleepy.

Anyways, I'm getting the house ready for my Aunt Nora's Retirement Fiesta party!! It's a surprise for her. We've managed to get the 'out of town' family members to come on down for the event without Nora knowing. Since my parents are in Malaysia until this Thursday and then my dad will have to fly out two days after the party I decided we should have the party here at our house.

I kind of went with it and I'm not sure if I stepped wrong. I just didn't want my mother coming home and feeling like she had to over prepare for a party and family.

So I'm currently dusting and pulling apart the book room (one of our guest rooms) to get prepped. I moved the damn bed to get the fur Emma has left from under there. You can vacuum for days in the exact same spot but the minute you turn the vacuum off a lone fur ball rolls to your feet. Every. Time.

I'm washing the bedding and getting ready to dust (uh, there are so many shelves in there - I'm scared!).

Ah, well, at least Bob's stuff will get put away and hopefully it will look like an inviting room to sleep over in.

Then I need to start on the rest of the house but I have to take it a room at a time or I start to freak out.

That's what's happening around here. Fun no?

And on the reading front? I have a poor review coming unless the book I'm reading takes a fantabulous turn but I'm guessing not. So I has a sad. What's painful is I have to finish it and at the moment I want nothing to do with it.

Bad Cindy.

Bloody Hell!!!

I started this post to tell you about Bob. What a goober I am.

He's going to go and visit real live polar bears tomorrow!! I'm so jealous I can barely stand it. I don't even think there will be many people there because Bob's in a remote part of the province right now.


Rosie said...

Busy Cindy. Don't stress and have fun at the party.

Polar bears? Wow!

nath said...

hi Cindy :) Well at least you have something to occupy yourself with ;) So, I know that your mother is not back yet, but do you know if she enjoyed her trip?

When is Bob coming home? and polar bears... I'm jealous too... :P

Bookwormom said...

If I remember the pictures of the book room, it is inviting. Uh, I do remember correctly right? You had Bob put up lots of shelves & then posted pics?

Speaking of pics, will Bob have any of the bears you can post for us? How fun for him!


Speaking of cleaning & entertaining & "house stuff" in general, I have a ?? or two on my blog about painting & I'd love it if you could stop by to offer some advice. I'm stumped. I just put a post up, but I'll have pics later this afternoon.

C2 said...

Polar bears?! Wicked awesome cool!!

Will you be wearing a sombrero to the retirement fiesta? Because you so should!

LinnieGayl said...

What? Where is Bob that he's going to see real polar bears? Oh, and good luck with the cleaning.

CindyS said...

Rosie - my cousin came over tonight and she asked me like 12 times - 'you're not stressing right?' 'We're family and no one cares if your house is dusty, right?' I love my cousin! (My mom DOES care if my house is dusty so I dust for her)

Nath - Mom's ready to come home is the way I heard it on the last phone call ;0 Bob will be home Wednesday night as long as the train is running (lots of snow in the forecast)

Bookwormom - I've been and will be doing a short post with pics - but must wait for your pics!

C2 - I'll wear one if I must - but I bought a seriously 70's Mexican inspired top today - my cousin is thrilled with the choice.

LinnieGayl - I e-mailed you - and the bed in the library is now made. The dusting will commence before March 21st. That's all I can promise.