Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Books Sweet Books!!

I went to the bookstore not expecting anything new on the shelves and was stunned to see Nalini Singh's Angels' Blood on the shelf. I was thinking the 9th of March for some reason.

Super Score!!

My rule of never buying only one book came into play at this point.

Anne Stuart had a re-release of her first book with Harlequin called Tangled Lies - I don't think I've ever read it and hey, a brand new copy of an older book. IN! (Hot damn, I have read this one and I have wanted to re-read it for a while - Double Sweet!)

The third book was a stretch cause I'm not sure Kleypas' contemporaries are romances in *my* sense of the word, or more women's fiction. I took a gamble and bought Blue-Eyed Devil.

It was in paperback so the risk isn't as much as if it was still in hard cover.

I'm currently reading Kiss of a Demon King by Kresley but I'm wavering. I'm not far enough in to say I've given it a fair shake but, I now have a Singh in my hot little hands!

Decisions, decisions.

I'm afraid if I stop read KOADK I won't go back to it. So I'll be reading tomorrow for sure and I'm starting with KOADK.

Hope you are doing well and aren't under umpteen feet of snow.


Rosie said...

I'm really jonesing for the Singh book. Can't wait to make my trip to the bookstore tomorrow.

Erotic Horizon said...

That' so cool - on this side of the pond - Angel Blood wont be here for another few day.

I have to agree with you on Lisa Kleypas - some of her books are more chick lit than true romance - i have read quite a few of her books and it's really the luck of the draw which one you end up liking - brilliant writer though.

I love visiting the book store - and I can see your visit was very rewarding.


Kat O+ said...

Angel's Blood is nowhere to be found in Oz. It's driving me crazy!

nath said...

Cool about Angel Blood!! Glad you got your hands on it :D

I say, give KOADK one more try... and then, move on :P

C2 said...

I must get to the bookstore soon! Eeg!!

Stick with KoaDK. I always mean to go back to books that get displaced but I almost never do it.

We had snow Sunday - a whole inch! Wheeee!

Kristie (J) said...

What a great cover on the Stuart reissue. I checked and I have a copy of the original - paid $3.59 for it :-)
As for Blue Eyed Devil - you will love it - honest. It has a real good romance in it. And confession time - when I saw it on the shelf the other day in paperback, I picked it up to see if I was still in the dedication page - I was.