Saturday, February 28, 2009

Blew My Mind

I know you're hoping for a book title but sadly no.

Lately (okay, for a few years now) I've come to realize that I'm not that in touch with world events. Well, thank goodness for boredom and Yahoo.

1.5 Million year old footprints have just been found in Kenya. There's a picture of the print on the site so do go read. There's even a child's foot print! Think about it, a million and a half years ago a human ancestor was walking in the sands of Kenya.

Now I would have to go look at all the Homo erectus stuff to figure out who is whom (I wouldn't know how to use whom if a gun were to my head) but they (scientists cause seriously, who are 'they' usually?) say the ones before the Homo sapiens (that'd be us) walked with the same stride that we do now.

I'm telling you, my mind is completely blown. I read this one out to the hubby and even he was awe struck.

So imagine the feeling of stupidity that washed over me when I get to the bottom of the article.

They (seriously, who?) found footprints 3.75 million years old! These were from a previous incarnation of homo sapiens - CRAZY!

Sidetracked : So did they ever find the missing link? I didn't make that up, right?

Updated Sidetrack : Uh, never mind. I decided to go and look and I found the crazy and the sane and all the in between. It'd take me another 4 years of university to read every single person's thoughts on the subject so I'll just stick with mine.

My brain can't even comprehend that kind of time. That we have ancestors that walked the earth so long ago. Makes you realize we're just a blip.

So I'm going to enjoy my blip of time!

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