Friday, February 06, 2009

Lawless by Diana Palmer

Yep, I'm going strong now!

I have to admit this book made me want to re-read Palmer's books from the 90s because I don't remember the men being stupid. Jackass Alpha Jerks yeah but stupid? Maybe they go hand in hand.

Also, I struggled with the 'skivvies' I got from this one.

Cindy Blurb: Cristabel Gaines and Judd Dunn currently co-own a ranch together. The ranch was once owned by Judd's Uncle and Crissy's father but after the death of Judd's Uncle he discovered Crissy's father beating the crap out of her in the barn and had him arrested.

She was 16. Judd was 29.

There is no reason given for what happened next. Judd married Crissy on paper only and secretly. I'm not sure why they had to marry as the father was still alive at the time but in prison. Crissy's mother was also still alive at the time.

When the book opens Crissy and Judd have an obviously flirty relationship. Crissy is always teasing him and he enjoys her company. Crissy is 2 months shy of 21 and the plan is they will get an annulment when she comes of age. Judd is 34.

Anyways, Judd is also a Texas Ranger so there is a crime that needs solving. A film crew is allowed on the ranch because it needs money, a beautiful movie star claims Judd and Crissy decides it's time to date.
A 38 year old man.

I mean, c'mon. I'm already squirming with the 'siblings' feeling I was getting from Judd and Crissy now I have to deal with a 38 year old feeling all sassy about a 21 year old.

What a shock. Older men love the extremely young women. No kidding.

Lots and lots of misunderstandings and stupidity for a 34 yr old man (I mean really, Crissy comes off knowing herself better than Judd) and we get a HEA with babies.

I wanted to stop reading a few times because I just didn't like the idea that Judd had married Crissy when she was 16. Sure it was on paper but he knew she would hold to her vows so she never dated or anything. Also, she was constantly flirting with him and yeah, even he recognized hero-worship when it he sees it.

Now I'm a woman who married an older man but I was 24 when we met, done school and out working. Not so much for Crissy. I kept wishing she was just a few years older. And for some reason Cash Grier (the other man) seemed like an old man when I know he wasn't. Maybe I don't like long black hair, mustache and goatee on a man. Definitely not a goatee. But there was something very icky about all the relationships in this book.

Maybe I've outgrown Palmer but I can definitely thank her for getting my reading groove back.

Part of me wants to read about Cash because I'm hoping he ends up with an older woman. But then I would be thinking how he should grow a real beard or shave off the goatee.

I wouldn't recommend this Palmer to anyone so I guess that's a D+

I have to give it a plus because I did finally finish it and I did want to see Judd get his comeuppance.

Now I'm trying to figure out if I should stick with Palmer or try something totally different. This is where I start getting muddle-headed!


sybil said...

promise to still love me when I tell you this is one of my all time faves *g*

CindyS said...

OMG - I still love you and am laughing my butt off! My favs were the old Long Tall Texans - like the real brutal ones ;)


ag said...

whoa, cindy, you seem to be on a Diana Palmer roll. btw, nice new look. Love the header and the dreamy snow flake like background ...goe with the icicles on your roof :)

Erotic Horizon said...

I love this book. And next to Cash, Judd is my all time fav Palmer hero.

I have read all her books and i have to agree with you, whenever i am in a funk - Diana Palmer just hits the spot.