Friday, February 13, 2009


It's 8pm Friday night and I'm sleepy.

Edited - it's now 2am and Bob's up from his nap and I couldn't sleep. Ugh.

I should admit now that I've only been up since 5pm. Yeah. I went to bed at 7am.

And vivid dreams? Yikes. I had a horrible one the other night - so bad I'm afraid to type it out cause I have those crazy ways with superstition.

Bob's snoozing in his chair - he's been working so hard with the merger of his company with another. Poor guy. So far I've managed to keep him from setting up his work laptop tonight by hogging the desk. I know he'll probably have to do work over the weekend but I'll be asleep and when I think he's had enough I can make an off hand comment on how I just need to check my e-mail and then just wait until he nods off in his chair.

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. I'm not a lover of this day but I know Bob likes cards so I bought him a card from me and yes, two cards from the kitties. We've been trying to decide whether we'll stay in or go out. I'm thinking we'll stay in - chicken fingers and potatoes will be yummy.

On the reading front I pulled another rabbit out of the hat.

I grabbed another Palmer after 4 days of just looking at the TBR pile and getting worried I wouldn't finish the next book.

It's that '3' on the sidebar - that's where it got stuck last year so I'm going to be pushing myself to read 'shorter' books to get it to the double digits. I put shorter in ' ' because the print is so small in this book that it's probably the same number of words as a normal book.

After this book (that is basically the same (plot wise etc) as the one I just reviewed) I plan on reading the short story from Dogs and Goddessess by Anne Stuart. YUM!

I'm also looking at Kresley Cole's books - I'm hoping I can read them out of order cause I also want to read a 2009 book very soon and I think Kiss of a Demon King is the current book.

Kind of on the same front, working on the AAR Poll has definitely helped me to remember that there are great books out there to be read. I also know that I am going to read a few 2009 categories this year because they are fast and easy reads (even for a slow reader like me) and they are at a good price point.

Can anyone give me some recommendations on authors from the category line? I went looking at the series books at Walmart and I admit, I have no clue who these authors are. Does Karen Templeton still do series books? I know she's been around for years so I want to read her and hopefully she'll have a new book in 2009.

I think Nalini Singh has a book coming out in March and I'll be dropping everything to read that one. Looks like she'll also have a novella available in e-format on Feb 24th and then Angels' Blood is March 3rd. Yay!

Stuart has one in May I think so that's another 2009 book I'll be reading with glee. I haven't read Ward's past book but I think I'll read her next one if it's about Rhev. Now I'm not sure I'll buy it automatically or wait until others read it and review it. Sybil? You still reviewing?

Who else?

Hopefully Lisa Kleypas will have a historical out this year as I did enjoy her last one. I haven't read her contemporaries because I get the impression they are more women's fiction than romance.

Loretta Chase - as long as there isn't a kid or a canal (Miss Wonderful) in the back blurb I'll give it a shot. Hope she has one out this year.

Grrr, Bob wants on the computer. Off to forage for food.


sybil said...

Heartbreaker I did not care for so maybe you will lurve it *g*.

and yes

I am :P

she is...

nath said...

Hi Cindy :)

Karen Templeton is still writing series books... she had a series last year and started a new one this year... You missed it though, it came out in January 2009. Don't know if you can still get your hands on it from Walmart.

By the way, Dogs and Goddesses is not an anthology. All three stories by all three authors are meshed together, can't read one in particular ^_^;