Monday, February 16, 2009

Books and V-Day

Valentine's Day was fine.

This is always a nice surprise since our 'Suck it' one there a few years back.

I did however ask Bob if the flowers he had bought for me had fallen off the back of a truck. Oh, here's a picture. 20 bucks they cost him - I wouldn't have given you 5 for them. Poor guy.

Dude, seriously, look at the ones in the center - I think they're dead!

He told me this long story about how Fortinos (yeah, that's right, I'm not afraid) had jacked up all their flower prices so something that was normally 19 bucks was 29 or 39 dollars. I guess a man was complaining to someone there and they were all 'It's V-Day man' and the guy said, well you can kiss my flower buying power for the other 364 days of the year too and then made a dramatic exit. Bob decided the guy was right and left also - he didn't tell anyone which I totally would have but, hey, Bob is quiet in his 'you suck' ways.

So he ended up at Sobeys (another grocery store) and ended up buying this poor little bouquet for 20 bucks.

He also bought me chocolate and cards of course.

So we're all good. (He also received cards and chocolate from me and the kitties)

And then he started putting up marble tile in my kitchen - that's my real present as far as I'm concerned. He's putting each piece up by hand (the pieces come on a mesh back but Bob didn't like the spacing) and it looks incredible. It's not done yet but here is a sneak peek.

Sorry, it's dark now and I didn't get the camera straight. I took pictures earlier today but with the sun beaming in the window I got nothing but dark shadows.

If you click on the pic it will probably go to a large size and you can see the tiles. There are plastic spacers in at the moment so you'll see those also.

I can't begin to tell you just how gorgeous the wall is. It's a wall with windows and the oven hood only but there isn't very much wall space. All the same I wanted the tiles to go from the counter to the ceiling to give it a contemporary look. The cabinets are quite traditional so this one wall gives the kitchen an edge that I think it needed.

For the first time I told Bob - that I was obviously getting my dream kitchen. I'm not good at visualizing things - I know spatially what someone it talking about and know materials and such but until every thing is in place I don't really 'see' it. I just know what I want and hopefully I'm able to explain it to Bob.

The counter top you see in the picture is temporary - by temporary it could be a few years or until the summer. Counter tops (granite/marble/quartz) are so expensive and I'm cheap but I know I'm going to love this kitchen when it's finally done.

I'm already a happy women see.

But then this morning *cough* I woke up and my gorgeous hubby stood in the living room and said 'you have to come see!'. I'm thinking 'what could he have done in the living room' only to discover a real bouquet of flowers on the table.

The prices were all back down to normal so he bought me a new bouquet of flowers.

My poor hubby. I didn't have the heart to tell him he'd just spent 40 bucks on flowers in the end.

Still, what a sweetie!


Bookwormom said...

Aww.. your Bob loves his girl, Cindy. Two bouquets of flowers in one weekend! Well, ok the first one looked a little rough, but still. And the tiles? Are gorgeous. I can't wait to see what it looks like when they're done.

I put up a post here about your ideas in your 'Hero Dump' post.

LinnieGayl said...

Love the tiles, and Bob? What a sweetie!

Jenster said...

Awww... on the flowers! And WOW! on the tile. Beautiful!!

Yup. He's a keeper!

nath said...

LOL at Bob :) Next year, he'll either buy it early or late :) Have to say though, the second bouquet is much prettier!! Hard to believe they were the same price!!

and gorgeous wall :) Is it the tile you chose in Toronto?

C2 said...

Awww...Bob's a sweetie! Lucky girl! :o)

And the tile (and stove and hood) are FAB!!

Rosie said...

GG is handy, but he's not install tile handy. I'm lovin' your kitchen too.

Caro said...

I persuaded my father to ditch the flowers and buy my mother a Chapters gift card instead!

CindyS said...

Bookwormom - yep, I don't need to start pulling petals and asking questions ;) And thanks for letting me know about the post!

LinnieGayl - Yep and yep ;)

Jenster - Totally not throwing him back! I did good my first time out.

Nath - he's already joking about how next year I'll get nothing ;) And yes, that's the tile from Toronto. Nothing like it out here - 1hr away. Crazy. I saw the tile on my fav decorating show and then looked at their supplier list and drove on up. Yay!

C2 - you bet and thanks!

Rosie - I bet GG could handle it. I told Bob I wanted him to take his time and not rush it. Sometimes Bob gets going and starts rushing - errors are made. And I know him, making an error would be too much on such a nice feature - so he's taking his time - He tells me I've taught him patience (my lazy ways).

Caro - you are the best daughter ever! I would have so done a Chapters GC!