Friday, February 06, 2009

Uh, Oh

*taps fingers on desk, glances around*

Boredom just showed up.

It really shouldn't be here and maybe it's not boredom as much as restlessness. Yeah, I think I'm restless.

And tired.

Never a good combo.

I'm in between books, have watched 3 hours of TV and just want to have a nap but - we have plans tomorrow and mucking them up is not part of my agenda.

So no nap.

We're back to bored.

Wait. It's 10:30pm. Maybe I can go watch Battlestar Galactica. Then I could always start a new book. I just want to stay up until at least 2am so I have some time to kill.

Sure, laundry, vacuuming, dusting, donning gloves and tackling the bathrooms are all viable time killers but they aren't taking.

And I want chocolate.

PMS is in da house.

Plan for tomorrow is to go see He's Just Not That Into You at a theater where they have VIP seating. I already booked the tickets and we're going at 4:30pm. So I can't get up too early or I'm toast.

PMS and needing to stay awake.

Chocolate is a necessity and we have NOTHING in the house.

Okay, I'll go now before I start whimpering and making a spectacle of myself.

Edited: Did you hear about the guy who works as an insurance investigator? He has been making 93 grand a year to do nothing all day! He's been doing it for 10 years. He sued the company for something and in the settlement he had to remain employed. So they put him in a office with nothing - no computer or anything and never gave him a case to investigate - basically they were trying to get him to quit. Can you imagine the kind of boredom that would be? I told Bob I would have put my own computer in there and been surfing the web, brought in a TV etc cause doing nothing is horrid.

He's now suing them because he figures that in the last 10 years they could have given him at least one case to work on!


Kat O+ said...

What a dumb company! lol But 10 years! I'm imagining how many books I could read in 10 years with that salary. Mmm...

~ames~ said...

That's crazy! About the insurance guy.

C2 said...

OMG All I would need is my iPhone and a bag of books. Insurance guy lacks creativity. :-D And be thankful he isn't out looking at dented cars and roofs with missing shingles.

CindyS said...

Kat O+ - Yep. Lots and lots of books. I'm guessing he never got a raise either!

Ames - I know! I couldn't do it - sit in a room and do nothing for 8 hrs a day.

C2 - see, I wondered if there were conditions cause you are right, I could do it with internet access and books. Not only that, how many people have come and gone at the job and wondered what the hell that guy does in that back office!


nath said...

Gosh, the company is really stupid. sigh. Nobody's going to quite because they're doing nothing and making 93K a year.

How was the movie, Cindy? Hope boredom is gone.