Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Buying Books? You Betcha!

I have been on a book shopping extravaganza for the last month.

Nath had talked about how Chapters online was going to change their shipping policies so I was worried about buying online. I'm cheap in the 'if I don't have to spend the money, then why would I?' kind of way.

Well, I decided to test the waters with the usual 'shipping is free over 39 bucks'.

I sent in my first order (yes, first) only to realize I had forgotten a book I really wanted. I went and checked stock at the local stores and not one of them had the book.

The book is Untamed by Pamela Clare and it was released just this December. How can there be no stock at any of the stores in my area!? I was going to write a letter and then decided to look up a few other books that also weren't in any of the stores.

Another online order started.

Let's start:

Wild Thing anthology - bought it for Meljean Brook and hope to get sucked in by the other authors. We'll see. Damn I used to love Maggie Shayne. Wonder if it's in first person?

To Seduce a Sinner by Elizabeth Hoyt. Not to spoil anything for people but this title has been one I've been entering a lot on my spreadsheet for the AAR poll. I got curious.

Aussie Rules by Jill Shalvis - she seems to get good reviews and I don't believe I've read a book by her so when I saw this at the Toronto Indigo I grabbed it.

Dogs and Goddessess - I have to admit to being a dumbass. I thought it was an anthology but turns out the three authors wrote the story as one. Crap. I really have to think about it now. Why Annie, why!?

Kiss of a Demon King by Kresley Cole - I got burned out with the Amazing Race style of her books so I haven't read the last two Dark Deeds and Dark Needs but I'll get to them. And knowing that, I obviously needed the latest one to add to my collection.

I'll spare you the Palmer books I bought (I think I bought three so if you are counting bucks they should be added in)

Wicked Burn by Beth Kery. I think this one might be straight erotica but I'm not sure. I've decided to take a chance and test the waters - I hear there is some good stuff going on out there.

Coyotes Mate by Lora Leigh - she has a fan base and I am a paranormal girl so things should fit.

Reining in the Rancher by Karen Templeton - I have seen a few discussions lately about this author and have been wondering what her stories are like. I'm guessing they have kids because the books listed at Chapters had covers with kids. Not a good omen for me but we'll see.

Untamed by Pamela Clare - very intrigued. Loved Ride The Fire and want to read more by this author. Have to say the glimpse of the plaid and then the arm band got me. I'm not a fan of naked people on the covers of my books but this one works for me. I'm thinking it's the arm bad for sure. I just want to grab it. Yum.

Perfecting Amanda by (okay, I have to go look up the author) oh! Bonnie Dee. I was browsing to find a book to reach the 39 bucks and remembered that many people have read and enjoyed Bonnie Dee. I figured why not. I know this one is erotica.

Private Arrangements by Sherry Thomas - if you looked at the interim results at AAR this book was in the list for Most Luscious. To me that means sexy so I thought, what the hell, I'll buy it. Imagine my surprise when someone said there was no sex in the book. Oh, hell no. I asked LinnieGayl who has read the book and she said there is sex. So I'm out there on the limb but hey, trying new stuff is always good. And now that I've beat last year's record of dismal reading I can stop reading it if it's not my thing.

And then totally funny

I bought Start Late, Finish Rich, Canadian Edition - originally a ton of money, now in the bargain basement price for 5.69. I can cough up that much money to see what the guy has to say. I wonder if any of it is relevant now?

I also finally bought Why We Suck by Dr Denis Leary. I wanted to buy it in the store but I would have had to pay regular price. What the hell is that about? Why can't I get the online price at the store? So really, wanting this book pushed me to try Chapters online shipping again.

Oh! He has a website! (don't click on at work - Asshole starts immediately) I love this asshole! And Rescue Me is one fucked up addictive series. "All Leather Cow Interior" Seriously, how can you not love this guy?

As an aside to my Canadian friends:

I put my orders in and clicked on the free shipping. The first order has shipped in full. The second order - all were shown to be in stock - has only partially shipped. I'm keeping an eagle eye on them because I'm not paying for shipping!

And finally:

When you give (to the economy like I have so clearly done in this past month) you shall receive.

I won a book at The Book Binge!! Yay me!!

I so love these kind of books because I never buy them. I just lust after them and wish I could just splurge on (it's 21 bucks in store - that's two romance novels!) them. If I do splurge it's usually on design books.

You know, the more I think about pricing online to in store I get grumpier. The price online if 6 bucks cheaper but I don't just browse online. I browse in store. I wonder if I should start taking pen and paper in and writing down all the pretty books I see that I want to buy.

Sorry, train of thought jumped again. Back on track!

Thanks to Book Binge I get to have fun mail to my house. In fact, for most of this week I should only be getting fun mail!


Rosie said...

And haven't you been a busy little industrious book buyer? I gotta check out that Denis Leary book. I'm a big fan of his. Since I'm sadly out of the loop with TV has RESCUE ME returned with new eppys?

CindyS said...

Rosie - I think I even missed a few because I've been buying at different stores - Walmart/ drugstore / costco. I'm definitely doing my part for publishers ;)

I don't think Rescue Me has new eps - I bought the series as I found it and I love it. Crazy and dramatic. I'm up to S4. Waiting to see what S5 will bring!


nath said...

LOL, great haul, Cindy!!

About the shipping, the policy did change. However, only about the pre-orders. If you order books over 39$, you're eligible to the free shipping and that hasn't change. However, if you pre-order a book, you'll have to pay shipping (5.99$) for that specific book. So the trick is just to not pre-order :P

Sigh, I wish I could buy books at Walmart and so on... but their selection is pathetic!!

Jenster said...

Denis Leary is hysterical. So politically incorrect.

I think I might get that book on romance and give it to Todd for our anniversary in June. Do you think it will send the wrong message???

LinnieGayl said...

Wow! That's a lot of books. But Cindy, I didn't notice the latest JD Robb in your order.

I hope you like Private Arrangements.

CindyS said...

Nath - okay, so it's pre-orders that are a problem. You know how sometimes they say 'a week' for stock - I was worried if I ordered a book that didn't say 'in stock' I would get dinged. So I'm still eyeing them ;)

Jenster - I just love that guy cause he can also admit when he was wrong. And I think he's sexy. Yep, gets better looking as he gets older.

And uh, yeah. Wouldn't get the 'romantic' book for your hubby *but* you could gift it to yourself and then share it ;)

LinnieGayl JD who? And I definitely have the buying bug but it's been joined by the reading bug!


nath said...

LOL, no. Just pre-orders - which kind of makes sense...