Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Guy

I don't exactly know how I got so lucky.

Long sappy post about to commence. Run while you can!!

Still here? Hello?

'kay, just me. I do so love to talking to myself too though so onwards.

The Fiesta Party was Saturday starting a 2pm - house was rockin' Mexico Friday night by midnight. I'm telling you, Mexico (or everything stereotypical Mexico) was in our house. Oh, yes. I do have pics!!

The family that drives 4-5 hours to get here tells us at 10pm that they are not going to stay over night. WHAT!? I let them know they were definitely welcome, everyone was more than ready to party the weekend away but I understood the need to get back home. After all, Cousin J and her hubby have three little kids (OMG they are precious!!) and it was the last weekend of March Break and I think they wanted to be in their own home all day Sunday.

(In this picture you can see the garland had fallen but it was fixed before the party - it was either that or get hanged every ten seconds - or do a limbo contest! Oh and crafts were done with the 4 little ones in attendance so that table got nothing but WORSE!)

Anyways, again the house is done up something fierce. And the kitchen. Well, that's a whole story unto itself. Tacos were made, Chicken fajitas were made, Roast Pork Tenderloin was made, diced up everything was out and about and it was a serve your friggin' self kind of mess.

My brother helped me fry up 4 lbs of ground beef in my brand new cast iron skillet. The skillet is probably 5 lbs on it's own. If there is one thing I won't do is clean the damn thing because I have a porcelain sink and cracking that would be something I would end up doing.

To say the house looked like a circus had just come through with animals and all would be an understatement. I cleaned up as I went and had a load of dishes working. My mother at some point got up and cleaned the kitchen up while dessert was being served. Wow!

Still, I did mention the circus, right? (I bought like 4 giant Helium Balloons (a parrot, a giant fish with little fishies all around and a palm tree) that floated around the rooms that took up space also - this is just one of them)

So everyone leaves and I'm beat and Bob's beat and we head to bed.

Wake up on Sunday and it's my Bob's Birthday. He woke me about 4pm - bless him.

I come down stairs and everything is back to normal.

There is not a piece of confetti, paper napkin or stray balloon to be found. The house has been de-Mexicanized and Bob has sorted out things people have forgotten and put them in boxes to go back to the owners.

Bob's birthday and he's cleaned up the entire party by himself!

And he might have put up a wall or nailed up a piece of trim while he was at it.


Then because it's my Dad's last night in the country I ask if we can go and visit and of course my hubby says yes. I go out and get him his favourite Orange Cream Cake and we go to my parents sing Happy Birthday and play a game of Upwords.

Because of the work up to the party my Bobby gets Gift Cards from his wife and loving kitties. And he's happy. I feel so bad though because it's kind of a cop out for a wife to buy GC for the man she loves. I will do much better!

Side Note : I mean, really, it had to come sooner or later!

Bob decided (and I agreed) that we should lock in our mortgage and pay the bulk of it off over the next five years. This means a huge chunk of change that Bob and I used to go out and do stuff with is now paying off the house. Great news - absolutely! But the party and gift cost 300 bucks easy so that was money I would have normally spent on Bob. Poor Bob. I told him after the GC - You locked up into a mortgage and I didn't have a spare nickel to buy you a fancy thing-a-ma-bob.

He said knowing the mortgage will be paid off in 5 years (although not all) is a great gift.


Blessed I be.

Okay, end of sappiness.

General attitude and grumpiness will commence next post.


nath said...

Wow, Cindy!! You really went all out! Looks like it was an awesome party and I bet it was lots of fun! Maybe I should hold one for my dad... hmmm.

Awww, sweet Bob! You're definitively a lucky woman... and seriously, if GC is what the man likes, then it's what he likes.

Kat O+ said...

Aw, Bob is so sweet! And I love your party posts. You always seem to throw such fun parties.

Kristie (J) said...

ROTFL - Wow!! When you guys go for a theme, you don't do it half hearted to you?
And awwwwww - what a sweet guy to clean up after his own party!! And though it's a day late and a dollar short - give him belated birthday greetings from me!!

Bookwormom said...

Fabulous party! Thanks for sharing the pics. We all know you cornered the market on great husbands- a man who cleans up so you don't have to? Also, love the tiling in the kitchen.

As to the mortgage payoff? Definitely a good idea with the economy being what it is. I'm glad you're able to pay it down so much, that must bring about lots of peace of mind.

CindyS said...

Nath - My Aunt Nora loves a party and decorations so we (cousin and I) knew we had to bring it! And I'm extremely lucky!

Is your dad near retiring?

Kat O+ - if fun = loud then yep, we throw killer parties ;)

Kristie - AN loves all things Mexico and she always tries to make a party fun with decorations from the dollar store or something else. I told my cousin that for AN we had to go WILD. I think the Mexican flag I bought from E-bay set the tone. And believe it or not, we smuggled stuff out of AN's house - luckily she has been painting and her stuff was all over the house. We figured if we slunk out of the house with the stuff the night before the party she would never know!

Also, AN is the quietest of us all and yet, she's a single mother, put her daughter through college and worked hard to get where she is. She deserved a great Retirement Party!

Bookwormom - Yep, I do so love the man - and thanks about the tile - we are thrilled with it!

Yep, piece of mind is something very important. We don't have children so we don't have to save for college or have orthodontist bills that are too scary. So we should be able to do this, it's just adjusting the lifestyle ;)