Wednesday, March 25, 2009

And Then There Was Peace

It's early AM Wednesday morning and I'm awake which is fine as Bob goes back to work tomorrow.

We had a great time although C-Rex showed up at one point during the day. One thing about my Hubby is he can ask a person a million and one questions when thinking about buying something.

Story Time!

It sometimes takes me a while to figure things out and well just this year I realized my hubby can shop for something (like a stand up freezer) for like a year or two.

Now, at first, when I'm told we're going appliance shopping I would show up like a perky gazelle all excited about the shiny things. Ohhhhh, this one. (Bob: Nope, too deep) *gasp* this one! (Bob: uh, no, don't like it) and on and on. And I'm not stupid, shopping around does save you money so off we go.

Then a month later Bob will come home and tell me about the most perfect freezer he just saw and I must go with him now to see it. Now, if you tell me I have to see something I also believe I'm probably going to be buying it. Not so with Bob. There will be inventory checks, how long to order one in, does it come in stainless steel etc.

By this point I'm sick to death of freezer. I don't even want to set foot in a store that might contain an appliance. Seriously, I know which one I'm going to buy - it's a simple stand up freezer that only comes in white but it's in the pantry so who cares and it should fit.

This morning Bob starts saying how maybe he can make the spot for the freezer bigger.

WTF!? I've been asking about that and the answer has been 'No, not really.' But NOW, NOW you can do it?

Seriously, if I didn't know he loved me I would think he was trying to kill me.

Still here? How we doing? Need a break?

Too bad.

This morning my hubby (it's Bobby Birthday week - recession style (3 days - yep, you got me, I just needed it to be over!)) decides he wants to go to a warehouse store to look for a huge sink I want in our pantry. This story is very near Toronto which normally takes me some serious mojo working magic but I thought 'screw it', we'll go. This will be a sink for cleaning large pots and grills and defrosting turkeys and stuff. In my mind I want the designer sink but hey, 1400 dollars for a sink is crazy.

We get to the store which is very near the CN Tower which is a visual that can crank on the anxiety. Thankfully I was fine. We get inside and we finally get to the kitchen sinks (it's a huge ass showroom and I was taking it all in) So Bob is asking how about this sink? What about this one? You got your tape measure? Did you see this one?

Now, I'm exhausted, I'm awake during a time I'm normally sleeping.

I turn one way and Bob's in another section calling over 'Cindy, come here. I need to measure this ...' you get the picture (I bought a tiny measuring tape about 2 weeks ago to carry around because we are always looking for dimensions. Today I considered staple gunning the damn thing to Bob's forehead)

Anyways, I know what the sinks look like cause back when we originally thought about a sink I went online to look at them.

THEN, he gets a sales person involved.

Kill me now.

I actually had to walk away at one point because he was killing me.

I felt bad cause I kind of snapped and growled 'I have to leave, you're making me crazy' and I'm sure the salesperson heard that. Thankfully they had a chair I could sit in for a few minutes to think calm soothing thoughts that did not include tearing off people's arms and beating them with 'em.

Okay, I may have visualized the carnage for a few seconds but I managed to stuff the inclination back down.

So I go back to him and the sales lady and they have picked out all the gadgets and the sink and all the whatnots.

This is the sink we bought below - it's 33" wide and 22" depth - it's huge but you can't tell that from the picture.

I say to the lady, order it all.

I don't even flinch.

Bob's there sitting beside me, 'You know, we could just go with the sink at Lowe's for like 300 bucks or whatever.' and I'm thinking, this poor lady has spent a half hour with you, the least you can do is buy the stuff she's been working on!'

And it's a gorgeous sink and we bought the wire racks for the bottoms of the sink we have and the new one coming.

We're cashing out and I'm sitting in a chair again trying to not kill anyone and Bob turns and says 'Do you want to order the racks for your Mom's sink while we're here? You know she'll want them.'




I have been in the store for what feels like days and the lady took a damn long time filling out the order we already had I wasn't going to go back and get her to add two more simple items (would have taken me 30 seconds but she was taking her sweet time) to the order.

I said to Bob - can you do that when you come pick the order up?

He nods.

Yep, I have unleashed my question asking, non-buying husband on another person for now.

(Sink up top on right is the one we already have but we bought the grates (the part on the left) for it. My mom bought the same sink after seeing mine so I'm sure she would like the grates also.)

I got better after we left and I started walking around another store. I'm just saying, when I'm done shopping I just want to order the one I wanted without the billion and one questions.

And I was done.

Bob commented in the car that I had obviously had a grand scheme to get him to buy the sink I wanted by dragging him out to the store today.

I let him live.

Okay, I was too tired to do any harm.

As my Gorgeous Cousin says - 'You married him.'

Yep, I did.


Rosie said...

I was reading this and thinking about the picture hanging with GG this past weekend (before the stairsteps arrived) in my new office. His final comment was, "We only get like this when I'm trying to hang pictures." Amen.

CindyS said...

Rosie - yep, Bob hangs pictures way too high but I can't get him to budge so I leave the room when they go up ;) Did you blog about it? Off to peek!