Tuesday, March 10, 2009

For Bookwormom

Bookwormom is sprucing up her bathroom and would love some input. So AFTER you read my ideas *snort* you can go over and give her your ideas also!

I've already commented on her post but wanted to get some pictures of what I was talking about.

Okay, this was what I was talking about with wainscoting. As a general thing I prefer wainscoting to be higher up on the wall than lower down.

Some people *cough*Bob*cough* think it must be at 36" from the ground. Uh, no. Wrong. I find it makes the room look short. You also cannot though put it at exactly the half way point between the floor and ceiling.

I like the height of this one on the left as I recognize it as a style and not a decoration (I swear I don't know where I come up with this stuff - short wainscoting reminds me of the 80's whereas taller 'scoting has a classic feel.)

Hmm, I can't blow this one up. Dang. In this one it's simply flat pieces of wood put up in a square and then painted out in the white topped with a chair rail. It's more traditional and maybe simpler to not only do but in upkeep - no grooves to catch, uh, stuff (and if you have little boys visit your house you know what I'm talking about!)

I like the freshness of this green and green is always in style cause it's the back drop of mother nature. Yes. My father tells me this but refuses to buy anything green to put in his own home. Silly man.

I wish I had been a picture taker back at the old house. Bob built our main bath from the ground up. We did the room in white ceramic tile with a border tile that only had the lightest blue in it. I then did a wallpaper in a light blue and white stripe. Even after 8 years there wasn't anything in the design I would have changed. I would have eventally taken out the 'formica' top but every thing else was classic in design. At least for me!

And finally I saw you would consider doing wallpaper. Apparently wallpaper is all the rage right now. Since I've had to scrape (blow torch) my share of wallpaper off walls, I'm not one to put it up. That said, there are some gorgeous ones out there now.

If you were to do wall paper I would suggest (and only suggest) you do the entire wall without any chair rail. Depending on the kind of pattern you choose, the paper itself may be more than enough for the room. Also, because the paint on the wall can start to run you may still have to prime the room with a high hide primer so your paper won't slide off the walls. (Bob and I have used Zinzer products before and they stink to high heaven but we've never had a problem with it covering stains or oil based paints.)

And if you can't tell I'm all about bathrooms being bright and streamlined. When it comes to fixed elements I stick to white and then a muted colour for the walls. Then I add colour with things that can be easily moved out when tired.

All that said, if you just love little duckies and must have them in your design then have at it. I'm a live and let live kind of gal ;)

I know, you're all wishing Bookwormom had never asked.

I do so love my design stuff!


nath said...

LOL, I know who to ask advices to whenever I'll get a house ;D

I have to say, I like the high wainscoting as well, but not a fan in general.

Bookwormom said...

I love the wainscoting idea! So you're saying more than 36" high but less than halfway up the wall? My grandmother's kitchen and baths had wainscoting & it'd feel nostalgic. :) Papering would probably be bad because the walls are damp most of the time. Plus, as you mention the scale of the design vs. the scale of the room (tiny, lol) would be tough. Hmm. Went out & got more paint chips from a different store & I like them better than the other ones.

I put up awful images of the bathroom: please feel free to laugh and groan "OMG I couldn't live there!"