Friday, March 20, 2009

My Hubby

Okay, you know how I am.

YOU know how I am.

How is it BOB doesn't always know how I am!?!

He took tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday off from work!!

We have a friggin' party over this weekend and my sleep is a nightmare *ba-dum-tish* and he took time off work? So I can feel guilty whenever Sleepy Coma Cindy shows up?

You know what else?

It's Bob's Birthday on Sunday!

Have I bought him anything?


Not even a friggin' card because I'm a friggin horrible wife who is trying to keep my top (head) from exploding with stuff I don't really care about. I mopped the stupid floors, dusted all the surfaces and cleaned up the crap from the lower floor and still, I have a mountain of stuff to do AND I haven't given enough attention to Bob.

My wonderful husband.

No, I'm not sucking up because he never reads my blog so I'm just sitting here freaking out.

I'd like to say 'well at least the house looks good' but who cares!?

Bob's B-day and I have nothing special and sweet to give him.

I suck.



C2 said...

You can bake him a cake. Or brownies. Or whatever. Send him a ecard or five. Give him a book of IOUs for later - a handmade book of IOUs, of course.

You'll come up with a creative solution. And even if you don't, Bob will still love you lots. ;-)


CindyS said...

Thanks C2 - I am really blessed and I managed to get my cousin to buy me some IKEA gift cards since she lives near one - PHEW!! It's hard for me to go too far without Bob and I can do the city I live in but after that, I'm euchred. Luckily My Gorgeous Cousin (the daughter of the retired Aunt) is helping me out.

I just need to get out and get him a couple cards now. I might be able to scoot out during the party for 15 minutes.

At the moment, I'm learning how to import CDs into I-tunes so we can have Mexican music playing. Techno geek I shall be!!


Holly said...

See, I knew you could come up with something!

You don't suck, you're awesome. And Bob should have known better. That's what I say.

Who is firmly on your side