Sunday, April 05, 2009

Life is Definitely Weird

I'm working on a post about why a book isn't working for me and I'm thinking the reason is that I'm a snob or possibly an elitist. (Course, I'll have to look up elitist)

There is definitely something there in the post that I'm circling and not actually naming. Which makes me squirm because I'd like to think I'm not judging but I feel like I am.

Bad Cindy.

Anyways, I'm up during the day so far and had a nice weekend with Bob. Only I think I must have stolen his energy mojo cause he's been sleepy or dopey for the past few days. Poor monkey. He's working too hard.

I know I told you guys about Bob and bros helping out the 'youngsters' (although the reason they need help is because the oldest son is in trouble). For the next 2 months Bob will have to go to his brother's house probably about two nights a week and then at least one day every weekend. I see how tired he is right now from the business merger and I'm worried about how much he can give.

Another thing on my brain is finding out about a neighbour from our old house who died over the weekend from cancer. He was only 53 and a really sweet man. He didn't have an easy go of it. I don't know about his childhood but I know he fell into alcoholism and lost his job long before I met him. At least I thought he was an alcoholic but he may have been an agoraphobic like I once was. Only people wouldn't have known about that when he was younger and then of course, there is always self medication.

He never moved out of his mother's house and he lived in the basement with his live in love. He and his wife were smokers of the first order. I couldn't step into their house without starting to choke.

I remember talking with him years back and he had mentioned a problem with his liver but I don't remember him saying cancer.

So it was shock to hear he had passed and sad that his life won't be remembered with a funeral or service. I think of his wife (who wasn't) living in the basement of a woman who may no longer want her there. There were talks there a few years ago that the man's mother wasn't doing well but she has clearly outlived her own son.

I'm definitely off my rails when I start thinking too much.

Now I have to figure out if I can continue reading the book I have or just realize it's not for me and move on.


nath said...

Awww :( I hope things will light up for Bob :(

what are you going to do, going to the brother's house?

CindyS said...

Nath - thanks. I figure I'll sleep when ever Bob's at the family home - I sleep in in the mornings anyways *cough* okay, well into the afternoons ;)