Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hey There!

I'm up and about and doing fairly well. I think I finally just tanked last night after the past few weeks. I get worked up about the silliest things but I guess that's my stupid cross thingie.

I had a great talk with my doc the other week. Turns out the 'clinic' I went to must have dropped the ball something fierce. My doc showed me the write-up she sent and it was clear 'anxiety, periods of mood depression, consultation about meds' was all over the place. My doc was looking to see if there was something better for me cause it's been 10 years since I started on this journey.

I told her about the doc there and the negative comment. My doc was shocked and clearly confused about how everything fell through the cracks. She hadn't received the report from the clinic so we'll look again in three months when I'm due back.

Right now my mood is fine but then, it's almost summer and I do better when I'm up and going.

I say almost summer cause today it's 9 C. Like friggin' cold. Just two days ago we were floating in the pool - now the idea of swimming gives me the shivers!

Things on the brain:

1. I haven't picked up the current book I'm reading in about two weeks. I either have to pick it up and finish it or move on.

2. Bejeweled on Facebook - new addiction - will probably last another two weeks.

3. I read the back blurb on Anne Stuart's latest book because I couldn't find the book I'm supposed to be reading and uh, there's mention of a kid. Not sure how I'm feeling about that one. But I'm not going to bust the book out yet.

4. Everything I type is boring. Yes, I'm aware.

5. I need to get moving physically. It's basic and yet, I sit on the couch most of the night watching TV. Not a great way to get in shape. As opposed to being a shape.

Okay, off to play my newest addiction.


nath said...

You're never boring Cindy :) The stuff you write might be everyday stuff, but just reading your "voice" is great :P and seriously, always happy to see how you're doing :)

That's great about the doctor, it just sucks the clinic was bad. She should have checked first though before sending you there.

Ugh, it's quite cold outside and rainy. How's your pool, it's heated no? :P

What is your current book?

See, what I dislike of Bejeweled is that they erase all the scores after a week :( grrr.

CindyS said...

Nath - you are too kind! It's cold and rainy again here today also but the pool can be heated from a dreaded 55 F to 83 F in three days so it will be balmy when you guys come for a visit! Very excited!

Untamed by Pamela Clare - I have now done a full house sweep and can't find the book - I think I left it in a car (there are 4 here) and it's too cold to go look. It's definitely not the book because it's great - it's more my mood right now.

And I'm glad they erase the scores after a week! At least then I get to see how high I can get again - seeing the same score for a week is painful


Bookwormom said...

Um yes. You're not boring. Else we wouldn't be here. Honest. I'm glad you & your doctor discussed 'the visit' and cleared the air.

Also- bought Bejeweled for XBox. Eats up huge amounts of time I should be gardening or cleaning or...anything productive. Like exercising. Which I"m not doing either.

C2 said...

Yup, you're never boring. :-D

I'm glad you got things straightened out with your doctor, at least as much as you can. Stoopid clinic. }:-(

I have Bejeweled on my iPhone. Such fun! You could put it on your Touch and have it with you everywhere.