Friday, May 22, 2009

Long Weekend for Us Too!

Bob took today off and he actually stayed away from his work computer. Proud of him I am!

Last night we got in the pool for the first time. We heated it for 3 days and it's at 83 degrees. You would think that would be really warm but this time of year, it's still a touch chilly. Also, we haven't cleaned out the pool so leaves and debris that was there when we closed are still on the bottom. We'll get to it but I just keep saying 'if you've gone swimming in a lake then you have swam in worse.'

We got in again tonight but it was only 20 C outdoors so it was nippy again when we got out. Also the skimmer isn't running yet so the top of the water has floaties still. Bob's going to vacuum the pool and get the skimmer working tomorrow.

We also planted a few salvia and petunias. Bob's Aries kept popping up and ordering my easy natured *snort* Virgo ass around but I kept him in check. I haven't really paid attention to gardening for a few years because there have been so many other things to focus on. So it was nice to see tiny plants go into the earth and hopefully in a month it'll look all pretty!


My sleeping pattern is slowly killing me. I'm sure of it. Turns out you shouldn't fight your natural clock.

I have been going to bed around 1-3am and getting up about 1 to 2pm so I'm getting lots of daylight BUT, I'm tired constantly. And when I'm tired I get snippy. I don't mean it in the least but I feel bad when my voice gets just a touch too loud.

Also, I seem to wake up every few hours after sunrise. Normally I hit the bed and don't remember a thing till I wake up 9-10 hrs later. I do like waking up and discovering I still have lots of time to sleep but the waking up and being tired thing is getting old. I've been burning through the pain and keeping away from the bed cause I know a nap is going to send me back to my natural ways.

I just have to wait until my Dad heads back to KL then I can see if I need some naps to help me out of this walking zombie phase.

Okay, I'm sleepy and it's not even 10 pm but I'll leave you to your weekend. Happy Long Weekend to all those who have one. To the rest, hope you have a great weekend regardless!


Bookwormom said...

I haven't put in any annuals yet. I'm slacking, I know. I did get some tomato plants and a few hot peppers, but no flowers. Maybe this weekend. Enjoy your time with Bob & your dad!


C2 said...

Happy long weekend! And I hope your sleep pattern gets back where it should be. There's nothing worse than fighting your body clock. :o( I have a sign in my cubicle that says it's hard to be an owl in a world full of larks. Stoopid larks!

CindyS said...

Amanda - I actually prefer perennials because I don't feel like I'm burning money. So we bought mostly perennials and buckets of annuals so it wouldn't hurt as much ;)

Tomorrow it BBQ night with the family - hopefully I can get Bob out of the pool!

C2 - okay, I want that sign!!

nath said...

Ohhhh, so cool about the pool!! :) and yes, you're so right, if you've swam in a lake, you've swam in worst! :)

Hope your dad goes back to KL soon so you can go back to sleep :)

and it's cool that Bob took a day off :)