Wednesday, May 20, 2009


My Dad got back from KL Friday night and Bob and I with the rest of the family went over on Saturday for a great roast beef dinner.

Mmmm, roast beef.

Sunday we had one of my best buds and her SO come down and we went with my Gorgeous Cousin and her beaux to see Star Trek at a VIP theater up here in Canada. Now, being Canada I figured we stole this idea from the States. Probably did but if you don't know what one is, basically it's a theater where only 19 yrs and older can go in. There is alcohol, sandwiches, fancy desserts, fries and other nibblies you can order. Then there are the usual suspects, popcorn, drinks and junk. What they don't have is hot dogs and the hubby can't pass up on a good hot dog.

Anyways, I don't eat before going to a movie - it's a panic thing. So even though the others had eaten dinner they ordered the usual stuff. Me? I needed fries and of course, pop and popcorn. Bob had to go downstairs (VIP is on the upper level) to order his hot dog and nachos with cheese. We arrived a 1/2 hour before the movie because another fun option with the VIP theaters is you can order your tickets online and pick your seats out. Awesome!!

That said, I guess a 1/2 hour is not enough time for the cooks to get the fries done. So they deliver to your seat.

They will also take your order at your seat if you wish.

Great, right?

One problem. When they have to bring your food, if the movie is playing they don't care. The carriers end up blocking people's view of the movie!!

So there we are, engrossed in the movie when the carrier comes and climbs over us (not really climbing because there is plenty of room but still, when they are in your sight line, you can't see the screen).

Now, Star Trek is fast. The jokes are moving at warp speed, things happen within 30 seconds. In a slow moving picture I could see doing this but I turned to Bob at one point and asked 'what did I miss' and he just laughed.

Anyways, the movie rocked! My gorgeous Cousin is not a space freak like the rest of us (excluding my hubby who will take me to any movie even when he had no clue what's going on) and she thought it was a great movie also.

So if you want to see a fun, funny, fast moving film I say get your Trek on!


nath said...

So cool!! I didn't know about VIP theaters... that sounds really great. Jealous now.

Glad you enjoyed Star Trek :) I went to see it twice last week :P

C2 said...

Grrrr...I'm going to see Star Trek this weekend. I AM!One of our local theaters has a VIP/adult section upstairs but I haven't been yet.

Bookwormom said...

I guess movie theaters are one place I get really anxious about. We were involved in an incident at a theater that ultimately involved the police & I've not been able to convince myself to see a movie since then. This was during a Harry Potter movie for heavens sake.

Anyhow, there is a theater like the VIP not too far from us. Maybe that'd be ok, since we've never been there & so maybe I'll be ok with it. I do want to see ST in a theater. :/

ReneeW said...

I think they have one of those theatres around here. Sounds very cool and fun. When I first heard about this movie I, whatever, but now I'm thinking I really want to see it. Must drag Bob along, I think he will like it.

CindyS said...

I should have mentioned that it cost 5 dollars more (up here) to get in. Bob doesn't care because he likes not having to deal with teens (yes, we're getting old ;))

Bookwormom - Bob and I prefer matinees because not as many people go to them. Seeing as how I panic in crowds, the 7 and 9 pm showings are usually out.

Also, I get wrapped up in the movie so much that it takes me a while to wind down. Star Trek was so good it had my mind racing so I didn't sleep for 24 hrs. (maybe going with a bunch of people I didn't want to let down helped with the hyper ;))

Renee - if you remember the old ones (which I remembered only slightly) you get a kick out of seeing these characters as they might have been younger. The initial meetings etc. It was fun!


Marg said...

I went to the drive in to see Star Trek last week. Unfortunately the people who came with me had already seen the movie and so felt the need to keep on talking all the way through it, so I really need to see the second half of the movie again!