Thursday, May 07, 2009

Real Quick

I've taken the sleeping pill and Bob should be calling soon - he always calls me when he is away. He calls before he goes to bed and then again when he is ready for the day. Since I sleep during the day he doesn't have to worry if he is out of touch during those hours.

Geez, I just wanted to warn you I'm blogging under the influence of droopy eyes.

I haven't been reading. I've decided I so lazy that I getting my ass off the couch for any length of time takes an act of sheer will.

I'm overwhelmed by my house.

I'm going to have to enlist my hubby's help to get things cleaned up.

Okay, it's not that the house is dirty, I am currently doing the bathrooms so they are clean and the kitchen sink got a great scrubbing and the laundry has all been put away.

It's the clutter. It's the 'stuff' that is every where. I swear we don't have enough space or storage to put things in a proper spot.

Eg. My husband has a lot of tees. I mean, tons. It's to the point that the two T-shirt drawers he has no longer hold all his tees so they end up on the top of the dresser. Odd mismatched socks also end up there at times. And that's just one surface in the house. I'm telling you, I'm not sure where to start. Sure, I start in our bedroom and then the next laundry basket comes in and BOOM! Things go to the place of least resistance.

Bob's really good at helping me when I point out what is bothering me. I knew something was bugging me, I just thought it was a room at a time but turns out I need storage and a 'place' for every thing in our house. (Let's not talk about how many times Bob has changed our kitchen around - I got mocked at the retirement party because every time I was asked 'where's your skillet' or 'where is whatever' I would go to where it should be and it wouldn't be there. I was yelling for Bob every few minutes. Got to the point the family would ask something, stop mid-sentence and then yell for Bob. I'm pretty sure they all thought I was useless but hey, why he keeps moving things is beyond me.)

Okay, that's my rant for today. I'll let you know if Bob laughs. When he's in 'demo/reno' mode, the rest just gets put on the back burner. I'm ready for Bob's response to be 'but, we'll need to build a closet so we may as well wait until then.'

Just so you know, I have two weird built-ins that don't really hold much and they kind of smell old. Bob said not to worry, he'd knock them out and get a dresser or something.

That was 4 years ago.

If you hear a 'KABOOM' around 6pm, that'll be my head exploding.

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