Monday, July 20, 2009

AND - We're Back

With RWA running this week and weekend I figured nobody would miss me if I was too busy to post and well, I was!

My Dad is home from Malaysia so we were there Saturday night for a BBQ and then last night (Sunday) Bob and I took the family out for dinner at Boston Pizza. Sure I had to chew some panic pills but I did it and I'm bloody proud of myself! (small note to newbies - I have panic attacks and my biggest triggers are my parents and food so restaurants with parents in tow are dangerous places for me).

Today was the first Cindy day in about 14 days. Poor Bob had to go back to being a working man after his one week vacation. I told him I didn't get enough Bobby time (he put up fencing and is still custom building wood sections which take about 2-3 hours just to build) so I want him to take a week off in August so we can do day trips and hopefully spend time by the pool and hide from people. Yeah. Sometimes I just want it to be Bob and I and I'm spoiled rotten most of the time so I know I'll get my Cindy week with Bob yet!

I'm going to post a few before and after pics here of the backyard. Keep in mind that Bob did most of the fencing by himself and fencing is usually a two - three man job. Thing is, Bob rarely quits when he's on a roll. I'm also hoping by the mid point of August he'll be closer to finishing up at his family's home.

This week I should get some reading done for sure. Okay, I have Dad to visit and make sure he gets plenty of family time but I can't see why I can't pull out a book every once in a while.

We (most of Southern Ontario) are hoping that we do get the promised heat wave this week cause I so want to go swimming more often. I dove in tonight and swam for bear/bare (?) to warm up. It's the time after (the past two hours) that you sit with a chill all over. Bob just got up to go to bed and mumbled that he is freezing. Yeah, me too!

Dang I was going to load photos but there are every where in my computer and I have one spot where there are no previews so you end up having to go through hoops and I'm not in the mood to jump.

And finally, there is no food in the house.

Sure, there are crackers but no peanut butter. There's bread but no PB, meat, etc. There is not one potato in this house (I'm a potato addict and not having any in the house is making me queasy with hunger), I drank the last coke hours ago and the stuff I did find had mold starting. So I found a lonely frozen dinner in the back of the freezer and I'm heating it up. I told Bob we had to go food shopping tonight but he was tired after a day at work.

So he's sleeping and I'm up like normal and starving. The things I do for love.

And no, I'm not heading to McDs or anything although I'm dying to just so I can stop thinking about food!

I'm in my jammies and lazy to boot so no going out at 2am for me.


Lea said...

Congrats on the uneventful restaurant outing and parental visit Cindy!

Heat wave? Nooooo I haven't heard anything about a heat wave - yuck..

I so hate the heat, but I know you want to go in that beautiful pool. Well maybe it will stay in SW Ontario and leave us in the east alone. ;)

Best to you

Mary G said...

Hey Cindy
Could one of your day trips be this way? Love to see you guys again.

nath said...

I can't wait to see pictures of the fence!! :)

LOL, yay for Cindy day!! :) and I hope you get more of Bob time in August :)

Ugh, I hate it when there's no food at home to munch on...

by the way, sent you the draft for Branded by Fire :) Take a look when you have time :)

Bookwormom said...

Congratulations on the successful outing with your parents. :) Please upload photos when you can, Bob does great work. I've been known to drive to McDonald's at 12 am in my jammies. Just saying. :)

Bookwormom said...

Congratulations on the successful outing with your parents. :) Please upload photos when you can, Bob does great work. I've been known to drive to McDonald's at 12 am in my jammies. Just saying. :)

~ames~ said...

Aww, here I got all excited for pictures! LOL

Did you go for a food run today?

CindyS said...

Lea - thanks! I always like to keep the positive up when I'm able to fight the weakness. And the heat wave looks like it abandoned us. I haz a sad ;)

Mary - I don't see why not! Address and directions to a meet up if you like - Bob and I love to shop ;)

Nath - sent back draft and hope it's good to post now ;) Now I have food in the house and I had McD's for dinner (Bad Cindy!!). I'm afraid to eat anything now!!

Amanda - I have also left the house in jammies but I've been looking at the waist line and thinking something may have to be done. Still, I went to McD's tonight.

Ames - food is in the house! Now if only I had bought some salad stuff instead of potatoes (yummy), peanut butter, bread and bacon. I see a carb high lunch coming my way. My excuse is I'm PMS-ing. Hope that lasts until the 'hunger bug' leaves!


~ames~ said...

I love potatoes!

Me, I turn into a chocolate fiend. A fiend I'm telling ya!

CindyS said...

Ames - me too! For me it's chocolate covered pretzels - sweet & salty - only there are none around here. I've been on a search for a few weeks. I've found some at 'chocolatiers' but they didn't get the balance of chocolate to pretzel right. And the white chocolate ones are my fav!

Once again, my mind is too much on food.

CindyS (currently cooking up potatoes and bacon for a bacon sandwich with buttered potatoes on the side. YUMMMM)