Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What I Need To Work On

I have noticed that some bloggers have mentioned 'blogging challenges' that are for cleaning up your blog or making it presentable.

I might be able to follow Marg's links to find what I'm looking for but does anyone have some links to help me out?

I have to add people to my sidebar as I keep stumbling over new blogs and even older blogs that I've been to but haven't added to the sidebar. Bad Cindy.

I know I'll put up books on the right hand side of the blog (KristieJ and Nath showed me how, I just have to get my lazy self to move on out)

And tagging. I've never really gone back and re-tagged in fear of breaking people's Google Readers or something like that. Maybe I'll just send a warning post before I start that and by start I mean before I turn 75.

At least this is a blog and something manageable.

Not crazy sized like my house but we'll skip that for now.

Edited: My computer is starting to act like a jerk so I need to do some maintenance. If you don't hear from me for a while I'm working out computer issues.

As to reading I picked up The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie by Jennifer Ashley but I can't say it's working for me. I wish I had gone into the book without knowing what *might* be wrong with Ian because it's affecting how I perceive him. If I can finish the book I'll explain in review with 'spoiler' marks.

Ohhhhhhh. I just read what he *might* have and I confused it with something else. Makes better sense to me now.

Hopefully this helps me with the perception issue. Gah. Sometimes I worry myself!

I'm owning idiocy at the moment. Anyone care to take the SOB off my hands?


nath said...

Hey Cindy :)

Well adding links to the sidebar shouldn't be hard since you have the new version of blogger. It's same as adding pics, but instead, you put in links.

Hmmm, re-tagging posts should re-post the posts, unless you changed the post date. So what I mean is even if you go back re-tagging old posts, they shouldn't appear on people's Google Reader.

Good luck with the computer!

Hope Lord Ian picks it up for you :D

C2 said...

I liked Lord Ian...maybe it will get better for you?

I need to work on my blog, too. Except I'm so horribly lazy and did you know it's almost August? OMG

Rosie said...

My list:

1. I'm afraid to update blogger for fear of messing up my custom blog page and being too clueless to fix it.

2. I want to update my blog page, but want to give a list and pay someone else to put in all the hours to make it beautiful.

3. Know anybody?

Kristie (J) said...

Rats! You've piqued my interest now in what you think of Lord Ian - I LOVED the book - and then you say you might be gone for a while??? Hope you get you 'puter problems fixed fast!

CindyS said...

Nath - Hey Nath! The links should be not too hard for my lazy self ;) And now that I know I won't mess up people's readers I can go back and re-tag a few posts. Thanks!

Oh, I cleaned and defrag the drive. I can't remember how to look at the programs that start up when the computer turns on. I need to look at the list because things must be loading I don't need - I just don't remember the computer being so slow to load.

C2 - Hopefully now that I have corrected my assumption I can move on. I know. I haz a sad. Summer here has not be blue skies and hot fun.

Rosie - hmmm, I know that Nath and Ames have some mad skills when it comes to HTML so maybe hitting them up for some help might be the ticket.

Kristie (J) - good news, the computer stopped acting weird once I did some of the maintenance stuff. I'm still considering setting it back to a restore point so we'll see.

I wasn't understanding Ian because of my preconceived notion so I'll see if what I know now helps me see past my problems.


~ames~ said...

I've been lazy to go tag my earlier posts as well.

And I just picked up Madness of Lord Ian too! (I forgot the other book I was reading at work - I hate when I do that!- and I needed something else to read, it was on hand)

nath said...

That's a good step in the right direction, defragmenting the hard drive.

Ugh, I have tons of posts that need to be tagged, but I don't think that will ever happen :P