Monday, July 13, 2009


Bob's off this week and I have already inked in my 'Bobby time'.

See, he's putting up a fence and then I told him to go help my Mom with some stuff and then my Gorgeous Cousin is off this week also and wants to get together and then....


Yes, I'm a wee bit feral on this point.

The weather is holding up but it's cool again, as in the pool should be 83 so that I don't jump from cold air into colder water. Seriously, I have a pool heater for a reason and this brisk summer is the exact reason for it!

Oh, I cooked dinner tonight too!

I know I'm shocked also but then I really just threw some frozen burgers on the grill with some hot dogs, boiled up some Ontario potatoes (crack as I like to call 'em) and tossed a pre-packed Caesar salad that I add tons of bacon bits and croutons to. And some pepper/onion pack for the BBQ that was new at the store. I was the only one who at the veggie stuff so I'm guessing that part wasn't a hit.

I finished the book and I have the Great Book Blues.

Yep, I'm having a tough time breaking from Singh's world as there are a few characters I want to see stories for TODAY.


I'm fine.

No really, I'll figure this one out.

I just don't think massive reading will get done this week but I can still try, right!

I put an exclamation point on that sentence to see if I could get my sorry butt to pick a book to read.

Not working.

The GBB's suck when you don't have 17 more books in the series to grab at.

Just saying.


nath said...

Are you guys doing the iron/metal fence? :)

What are you going to do with your Bobby time? LOL :P

Yeah, sometimes, it's hard to pick up a book after you've read something great :(

C2 said...

I just finished the Singh book too. I hate finishing a good book. It's such a struggle to find a good follow-up...maybe the new Chase book? That shouldn't be a disappointment, right? *sigh*

Yay for Bobby time! And now I'm hearing MC Hammer in my head. *double sigh*

CindyS said...

Nath - Bob's working on the iron/metal fence but now that that's up he has designed the wooden fence panels he wants to build. Am I blessed or what!

I decided to power through and picked up To Beguile a Beast by Elizabeth Hoyt.

C2 - I love reading a great book and keep thinking to myself (when I come up for air) 'I don't want this to end!!'. I have picked up To Beguile a Beast by Hoyt - we'll see if that can help me along ;)

Hammer Time!!