Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cooling the Jets

I've been scrolling through a bit of the RWA coverage (AAR and Kristie J's so far) and figure most of you will be busy catching up for the week so rambling will now commence.

Did you know painting your own toe nails is hard?

I had no clue. I don't normally polish cause I have that 'Oh, shiny!' factor and get distracted by my own hands. The feet however are fun to catch every once in a while but I've only ever had it done at the spa (one time). For two weeks I would be doing something and would catch a colour out of the corner of my eye and see my toes. Stupid stuff makes me smile so yeah, I would smile.

So my Gorgeous Cousin came to stay overnight with Bob and I and shopping was done in the extreme.

Side Trip!

My cousin can shop. OMG can this girl shop. Even as a teenager and young adult I could not have done the kind of shopping my cousin can do. She will shop an entire mall and then decide what she wants to buy. Me? I buy stuff as I see it. So halfway through everything I'm the only person who has dropped some major coin. Grrr.

Poor Bob decided to come with us (I told him he could stay home and continue building the fence but he chose to come) and the poor guy would find a chair in the mall and fall asleep only to have us poke him awake to move on to the next set of chairs. Geez, he even got two new shirts without moving out of those chairs!

Then he followed us into a few stores because he had had a good snooze and discovered what shopping with women can be truly like.
Gorgeous Cousin finds 12 things to try on and then comes out to pose while I laugh and point, thumb up or OMG NOOOOOO! her. Bob was quite impressed and asked if his job was to give the thumbs up. I asked him how old he was (51) and told him he had no business telling a young woman what she could wear. He agreed.

OMG - Train of thought off the track, run for your lives!!

Can you say 1980's? Every where I looked were the clothes that I shopped for when I was a teenager. Seeing my 23 year old cousin get all excited about stuff I have seen before and was terrified of has put a new spin on my getting old. I just never thought the 80's fashion would come back in style. I actually grabbed a dress and put it over my head and sang Love is a Battlefield cause seriously, it was the dress! Obviously, my cousin didn't know what to make of me.

Even if I were a skinny mini (I wish), I wouldn't wear the stuff again.

Back to the side trip:

On the way out of the mall (stores were closing all around us) Bob keeps on with lines like 'I'm not sure I can make it, I've aged years while being in here!' and 'you tried on 43 outfits and you didn't buy anything!?' get outside 'Holy crap, the seasons have changed while we've been in there.' and continuous witty comments ad nauseum.

Dang, I'm so off topic - what I was planning to say was that my cousin has worn polish on her hands and feet since she could wield one of those little brushes. So like, 5 years old.

Okay, how'd we do? Everyone still conscious?

I have a bit of a head ache so we'll list that as a side effect of reading the above. Ooops, should have put that in first, ah well, we'll take some Tylenol together.

Let's get this cart back on the path already!

I don't like most nail polish colours. Bright red? Forget it. Pink? Ugh. I tell my cousin I'm looking for something with a hint of purple in it. She intreprets this to mean PURPLE. Yikes. I thought her head was going to explode while I hummed and hawed over the colours but I finally picked one. (I think I'm more in the brown tones)

My big toe looks like an anvil was dropped on it.

Me, thinking it would take about 10 seconds to put on some polish learned the hard way that that shit has a mind of it's own! So I was able to wipe most of it off but it's all in around the edge of the nail and on my toe.

It looks like a dead zombie toe. Course, my cousin has gone home and I have no one (and no I'm not asking Bob) to put the polish on.

Can you tell I learn on a curve?


Purse Porn for Ames:

You got me with your latest purchase and I had to find the perfect purse for my wallet, keys and a book without it looking like a purse (cause I feel like I'm playing dress up and everyone knows).

The pictures aren't doing the bag any justice so go here to see it professionally photographed in all it's cuddly goodness.

The leather is like budda!

And it came with it's own cozy sweater that is called a dust jacket for when the purse isn't in use!

Seriously. That's just too funny.

So my keys, wallet and a book will fit nicely and maybe I won't forget any one thing while out shopping like I did last week.


~ames~ said...


I think roots is the cause of my crossbody obsession - when I was in TO two summers ago, I seriously lusted after a gorgeous roots bag. Alas, I didn't get it. LOL That was back in the day when I said no to myself. That doesn't happen so much anymore. hehe

nath said...

Sounds like you had a great time :D

So what did you buy?

LOL, poor Bob :) Although he kind of reminds me of my dad :) My dad will be: let's go shopping, let's go shopping... and he'll stand outside the store, LOL :)

Love your purse by the way, simple and practical :D perfect!

Mary G said...

I'm laughing so hard I'm crying. You are hilarious & I love Bob's comments about the seasons etc.
Love your nail polish stories. I got my first pedicure a couple of weeks ago & "bravely" chose a French manicure.

CindyS said...

Ames - I'm afraid Roots will be a once a year kind of destination cause I'm not sure anyone makes the kind of money to go in more than that! And you don't need to say no - yes is so much more fun!

Nath - I bought lots of stuff, odds and sods. I'm a 'if you see it, buy it' kind of woman cause I've lost too many good things sleeping on it ;)

And the purse is definitely me - no fuss, no muss!

Mary - It's fun to go all out on the toes! The hands, not so much - I need to find some nail polish remover (believe it or not it's in with Bob's tools because we use it to figure out if paint is oil or latex. That's how much I use nail polish. I just can't wear sandals at the moment - so need to get on it pronto!


C2 said...

Cool purse!

And toes - I must have my toes polished at all times! My feet look naked and freaky when I'm polish-free. But I can't deal with colored polish on my fingernails - clear or glittery, yes, but that's all. A few weeks ago, I had glittery red polish on my toes - trying to be patriotic for the Fourth - and I thought it looked like my toes were bleeding. Other people liked it, though. Current color: Midnight Fireflies (black with a subtle red glitter). :-D

Ramble over. LOL

Lea said...

Awesome purse Cindy!

"Purse Porn", I love it!!

You are too funny Cindy...

Bob is indeed a soldier. My husband, so would not be there... lol

Best to you both.