Friday, July 24, 2009

Seduced By A Sinner by Elizabeth Hoyt

Yikes. I never reviewed this book and with my stupid memory I need to make a record of it.

This is where my record keeping with books gets murky. Sure they side bar says I read X number of books but if I forget to change it when I finish a book it's likely I won't ever remember to change it. Thus, lost books. Okay, not lost but not on the fore front of my memory either. I'm using 'Read in 2009' as a tag so at the end of the year I can go back through and remember what it was I read. Now I just have to make sure I review the books or at least make a note somewhere.

Course, I lose notes.

So keeping track would be better.

Instead this will be a note.

I know I liked the book enough to want to dive into the next book To Beguile A Beast which is currently ensconced in my gorgeous new purse.

But Singh's book arrived and stuff happened.

Translated, I can't remember a thing about the darn book except I remember 'seduce a sinner' was in the dialogue somewhere.

Yes, I'm lucky to remember where I live most days.



nath said...

Knowing that you enjoy it is something :)

LOL, sure, blame it on Branded by Fire :P

CindyS said...

Nath - Branded by Fire came in on the day I finished SBAS so I was lucky I even remembered to put it on the side bar! Me and my memory. In another tens years write to me and tell me I should try Anne Stuart as an author. By then I'm sure I will have forgotten my own name ;)


Mary G said...

No way you'll forget Anne Stuart. Just look at her shrine LOL!