Saturday, August 01, 2009

Long Weekend

It's a long weekend up here in Canada so you might notice some of your peeps disappearing for a few days.

Thankfully Bob and I are only expecting his family on Sunday and the forecast is rain so they may cancel which would mean it's all about us! (I know, I'm horrible)

This week hasn't been all right as rain what with my tummy deciding to roil over and beat the crap me. Stupid tummy. So I'm sitting here hungry but unsure of what I could possibly eat. Not only that I don't really have meat in the house so the last few times I boiled up some beautiful local potatoes I ate them alone and well, the tummy rebelled.

I was considering a McD's run but I'm too tired to get behind the wheel.

Which is ironic because the minute I take my sleeping pill I'm all bright eyed and bushy tailed.

Seriously. Not happy.

And now I'm floundering on whether I'm going to continue on with the Ian book. Maybe it's just not speaking my language at the moment. I might be looking for something darker but I'm so not cracking the Anne Stuart nut I have in back up. Not ready for extreme intervention.

AND, just as a complete aside:

Nalini Singh has put up a schedule of her upcoming books in the Psy series. I will now copy and paste from her site:

Upcoming US releases

Next in the Psy/Changeling Series

November 2009
Now available for pre-order!

(mass market release)
November 2009

Psy/Changeling #8 (Max's Book)
July 2010

Psy/Changeling #9 (Indigo's Book)
November 2010

Psy/Changeling Novella (Ria's story)

Psy/Changeling #10
(It could only be one person...)

Ho-kay, you still with me?

Did you see book 10? It could only be one person?

Uh, it better be HAWKE!!

Why am I worried?

Cause there is a Ghost guy with no name running around, I think there are a few other Psy running around looking for stories and seriously, 2011!?

2011 people!

OMG I'll be turning 41 when the damn book comes out.

Okay, I just can't...

I have to go breathe in a bag.


~ames~ said...

I hope to everything that is good (namely puppies and sugar) that that is Hawke's book.

OMG my verification word is SUSPENSUS!! LMAO

Lea said...

I am SO relieved it is a long weekend. I couldn't take another short weekend. lol

I guess I'd better start reading the Psy-Changling series and get up to snuff with all the fuss eh?

LOL Cindy

I hope your tummy is better.
Best to you

Rosie said...

As you know I love lists. Christine Feehan is the only other author I know who has long projected book dates on her web like this. Thanks for the heads us. Oh, and, Cindy, you know how time flies? 2011 will be here before you know it.

Kat said...

I swear my heart stopped. This means we can expect to see more Hawke cameos in the new books? I hope???

CindyS said...

Ames - you and me both sister! And too funny with the word verification - suspensus - YES and it's killing me.

Lea - oh, I do so love this series. Book 2 and Book (can't remember but it's the one where Clay is the hero) were not keepers for me but the rest were fantastic!

Rosie - time may fly but I may have to just buy the books and not read them until Hawke's comes out. I know I'm not OCD but after reading the last book I was a bit of a mess of Hawke and Sienna - how does any author live up to that hype?

Kat - you're killing me.

nath said...

Lucky gal!! It's not a long week-end for me, but it's okay.

Thank you so much for posting up the schedule, Cindy! Damn, who's Max again!?! and yay, Indigo book!! Woooohooo!! Well I guess it means two things: Neither Dev and Max are her mate LOL :)

I'm so glad Ria is only getting a novella... I don't really like her ^_^;

and yes, I hope that book 10 is going to be Hawke!.. But damn, two years... let's not think about how old we'll be :)