Sunday, August 30, 2009

Emma's Belly

So I told you about the shaving of Emma, our long haired kitty back about what, 2 months ago?

Well, talk about being just a happy monkey. She now sits with me while watching TV and will be upstairs in the 'loft' when I get up in the morning and will chirp at you to say hello. She's just extremely happy cause well, she can't have 'hanger oners' (long haired cat people know what that is) so she doesn't feel dirty so she's so much more social.

Course, the last few days she's been looking for Amber so now she's talking to me. Funny to hear a cat meow when it's not something she does normally. She's got a cute meow.

But being the cat mommy I am I had to get a video of her when she's standing up. Seriously, she's all, 'did you see my tummy? Isn't just he cutest?'. Almost every time I come across her during the day she'll be standing up. She's like a penguin. It's hard to catch on the camera though. I think she knows it will be digital evidence and doesn't wish to be caught.

But I got her! I'm talking to her in the video so sound off or at least way down.


CindyS said...

It's too dark! I'll have to see if I can catch her during the day. She's a wiley one ;)

Rosie said...

How do I get so behind??? I swear I was blog hopping last week but I found unread posts of yours back to August 19th. How does that happen?

You have Emma, I have Emily. Anyway, cute shaved kitty. Glad she's happy.

Also glad you had a great birthday week. My condolences on the loss of Amber.

Coming from a family with a Dad who is a hardcore alcoholic I empathize with the addictive thing.

Kristie (J) said...

LOL - She still looks so funny with her hair shaved like that.