Sunday, August 09, 2009


Sunday night and all is quiet again.

We had a friend with his two young sons come for the afternoon and I played hard. Both my elbows are aching when only one was aching before they came (I hurt my elbow earlier this year and need to do a week of Ibuprofen but I know it upsets my tummy so I've been waiting till no one is coming around. This week may be perfect). I had to keep lifting the light 4 year old up out of the pool and onto floaties and such.

I'm beat.

I don't know how people have kids 24/7 - they have energy to the max.


Now, my poor ear that was hurting earlier in the summer (but got better with a week of me using over the counter drops) is in full blown pain. I don't know if it's swimmer's ear or another type of infection. It hurts! I have a Doc's appt on Tuesday for regular stuff so I'll wait till then but the pain is starting down my neck. I have some over the counter drops for ears but I'm not sure they are getting into the canal like they should. Feels like the canal is either swollen or inflamed.

I have my best bud and her son coming tomorrow but it's supposed to be crazy rainy. Maybe we'll get out of the house for a bit which would be nice but the temperature may feel as high as 40 C. Yeah. I wilt in that kind of heat.

But I'm not complaining!!! Nope, I want the heat. Just let me have clear skies too so I can swim like the fish I am!

Anyways, I'm 3/4 of the way through the Chase book and I'm enjoying it. Hopefully something a bit deeper will happen in the next 1/4 but it's kept my attention.

So that's my weekend update. Hope everyone found some 'me' time.

Alright, I think tylenol is in order for the ear.

Bad Ear.


nath said...

Awww, Cindy! Ouch! I hope you feel better soon!!

Yeah, it's really hot outside, unfortunately, also very, very wet!!

Glad you're enjoying the Chase!

~ames~ said...

I'm sorry you're ear is in pain. :( That's never fun.

C2 said...

Awww, ear infections are the worst. :o( (((Cindy)))

Anonymous said...

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