Friday, August 21, 2009

Birthday Week!!!

It's here!!

It's birthday week around these here parts which means I've been spending money and having fun.

My birthday is on the 25th and I normally do some wacky give away but this year I decided to just cut to the chase.

I've got two 25 dollar book gift certificates to give away. I'm probably going to do them online so you can even pick the bookstore you want the certificate from! Overseas, where ever, it's the equivalent of 25 Canadian dollars because the British pound and the Euro would break me.

Just leave a note in the comments about your latest 'glom'.

What are you gobbling up as you read? Are you neck deep in vampires and loving it? Are you holding out for a western hero? (Kristie J, Super Librarian and Syb (With a blog name of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, you had to know she would love westerns) have some suggestions!) Are historicals still making you hot under the collar?

Or is it a new vice? You finally cracked open the first Anita Blake book and can't believe the glory or maybe you decided Ward can write up a grocery list and you'll be there to buy it.

That's it.

Super easy!

Open until my birthday! So we'll close it at midnight on the 24th (central time) so I can pull the names out of the hat on my B-day.

Good luck everyone!


nath said...

Ohhh, birthday week again already? Is that why Bob took the week?

So what new toys did you get for birthday week? :P

Lately, I've been glomming on urban fantasy books. I just finished the third book in the Cal Leandros series by Rob Thurman. Really liking it, but man are they long to read :D

Mollie said...

Yay birthday week!

By the way, I LOVE your design. That's what I get for just being a Google Reader Lurker....I rarely comment so I never see the pretty new themes/designs! :)

Let's see, I just finished Linda Howard's Burn (meh.). Started KMM's Dreamfever last night. Having trouble remembering the previous book since it's been FOREVER.

I'm slowly working my way through the Sookie Stackhouse books (love them!).

I'm also reading a lot of non-romance stuff. I'm really digging Lee Child's Jack Reacher series!!! I've also got Jim Butcher's Harry Dresden books to start.

That's about it for me! Hope you enjoy your birthday week!!!

Bookwormom said...

Not glomming, but wanted to stop in and say Happy Birthday! Hope you and Bob have a great week together.


C2 said...

Yippee for Birthday Week!! Whatcha gettin' for your birthday? Other than a week of Bob Time, of course. :o)

Holly said...

I LUURRVE Birthday Week!


You don't need to enter me in the contest, but I'm currently glomming shifter books. I don't know why, but I'm really digging them lately.

Rosario said...

Happy birthday in advance! Will try to come back and say it on the day, but just in case.... :-D

Let's see, what have I been reading.... Hmm, I think I've been reading a lot of dark, but excellent romantic suspense. I've just finished Kate Brady's One Scream Away and Fade To Black, by Leslie Parrish, both of which were fantastic. I'm now about to start the new Karen Rose, and plan to read the next Parrish soon after.

Mary G said...

Hey Cindy
Happy Birthday week!! So you're a Virgo - the Virgin. Yeah ok LOL.
Reading Lauren Dane Chase brothers series. Next up, hystericals I mean historicals because Kristie J
finally brainwashed me.

CindyS said...

Nath - like a bullet the birthdays just keep coming! No toys yet, just fun with Bob!

Mollie - Thanks! Google reader is evil ;) Good to know what you are reading - I'm up in the air right now but may decided on one soon!

Amanda - Thanks! And Slumpville will hit the sticks soon.

C2 - Birthday is Tuesday so have to wait but Bob time is awesome!!

Holly - you're in the hat anyways ;) And Singh's last book was amazing - no really.

Rosario! - I just bought Fade to Black and the second one in the series so I'm hoping they work for me. Rom Sus is hard to do. Oh, and I have Karen Rose in the TBR pile too!

MaryG - yep the Virgo (there's a part of me that wishes I wasn't a Virgo and then I remember Bob is an Aries and their perfect mates are Virgo - sooo, I'll keep it ;)

Yes, but do you have a blog yet!?

Thanks everyone for the BD wishes - keep adding comments to get entered for the drawings!

Kristie (J) said...

I'm out in the country visiting with Lisa and Nancy where there is no real internet connection - I just came home (where there is) briefly - so just in case I don't get back in time - Have a Great Birthday week!!

Jennifer The Forgetful Faerie Queen said...

Happy Birthday to you!!
Apparently to the winners of this too. LOL

I have been glomming onto some time-travel romances as well as have been reading some more about Faeries and the mischief they like to cause in Romances.

Big surprise with my Handle right. LOL

Kristie (J) said...

I did!! I did make it here in time to say Happy Birthday ON your birthday. Had to come back for a short time to check the mail and feed the kitties before heading back country way.



Rosario said...

Yay, I made it too! Happy birthday, Cindy! Hope you're having a fabulous day so far! :-)

Holly said...

Me too!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CINDY!!! I hope you're having an amazing day.

Mary G said...

Happy Birthday Cindy
All the best to you.