Saturday, August 15, 2009

Weekend Blitz

You know how on Tuesday you'll think about the up coming weekend and realize you have absolutely no plans?

And you sigh in contentment?

We ruined it on Wednesday.

Apparently this weekend will be family palooza.

Time and place? My house, before I manage to get my ass out of bed.

I'll start from the beginning because I know you hang on my every word and must, must, must know what happened.

Fine, stick around anyways, maybe I'll end this post with candy.

It's the middle of August - everyone okay? I know! How could it possible be the middle of August when the sun just decided to show up and bring some of it's wonderful heat to this part of the planet!?

So yeah, the heat and humidity finally decided to show up this week which I'm loving cause I have a pool. Sure, I've also managed to score myself a killer ear infection but as long as I don't get my ear wet, I can swim around and get refreshed. True, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I was not up to anything including basking in my pool due to the pain of the damn ear but I did get in the past two nights.

The heat wave is going to continue (YAY!) and Bob and I know that it's kind of wrong to not share the pool with those suffering with the heat. So we invited my family for Saturday afternoon. Too keep it simple I'm making tacos and salad. I'm going to cook the meat tonight and then tomorrow I'll pop it in the crockpot and it will be there when people want to get out of the pool. No muss, no fuss.

Bob came home tonight with the news that his family was going to come out on Sunday.

That's two days from now.

Remember that anxious woman who shares my body? Normally her head would explode but hey, whatever, burgers, potatoes and salad. I can handle it.

Then Bob says 'no worries, they said they would take care of the food since they know they are a lot of work (they really aren't, there is just more of them so it's busier).

I should be loving this.

Anxiety woman however doesn't seem to like living life without a plan. What are they bringing? Will I have to cook it? What if I don't know how to cook it? And let's just beat to the point, what if I don't feel like cooking!?

Basically my back up plan is pizza. The delivery peeps will even come into the backyard so I don't have to wait in the house for them to show up.

So I need to calm the hell down.

Remind me to tell you about the printer I just bought. It just never fails.

If you stuck around for the candy, I lied.

But I'll post pics of the books I just bought:

I got an e-mail from Kat O+ (Book Thingo) recently telling me about this book.

The heroine Grace is obsessed with counting and gets into panic attacks when her counting system falls apart. Kat, knowing I have panic attacks and anxiety thought I might find this book interesting and any book featuring such things is always something I'm interested in.

Obviously the book is about much more than what I've said but let's just say the panic attacks were the 'hook' for me. I found this book in the general fiction section of the bookstore so I'm not going in expecting a romance or a HEA. I'm just very much intrigued.

And knowing my rule of not buying just one book at a time I also picked up Written On Your Skin by Meredith Duran. I bought this one before reading Bound By Your Touch because AAR is hosting their first Book Club event and I was planning on joining in.

Remember how my weekend was empty?

Yeah, so I can't join in even though I bought this book this week in the hopes that I could read it in time.

And then I couldn't read it in time.


Anyways, if you have read this and want to see what the AAR Book Club is about you can go here Saturday, August 15th from 6 to 8 p.m. eastern time to see a live feed and join in the discussion.


We're done!


Mary G said...

Cindy - it's too hot to cook anyway.Your plan sounds perfect.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, the US cover of Addition is much more colourful than ours. Let me know what you think, particularly the ending and how she decides to manage her condition.

CindyS said...

*hugs Mary* You're too cool!

Kat O+ definitely looking forward to reading it - did you review it? I searched your site and then went through but I was obviously looking for the cover I have. Duh ;)


Anonymous said...

I have a review in draft. It's been in draft for a while now. I've hopeless at finishing drafts.

Bookwormom said...

I hope someone writes a quick blurb about Addition on their blog. It sounds great, but I want a reader's opinion.


CindyS said...

Kat - I'm bad with drafts also - everything just flies out of my head and then it's gone ;)

Amanda - I actually plan on reading this book this week. It's on my 'should read now' list.


nath said...

I hope you had a good week-end and things work out well!!

Miracle, miracle!! The library did have the book Addition! LOL, I put it on my list! Will definitively give it a try :D Should be interesting :D

Anonymous said...

Cindy, I finally finished my review of Addition. What did you think of it?