Monday, August 03, 2009

The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie by Jennifer Ashley


Another book read and it was awesome!

This was my first Jennifer Ashley book and I can say it won't be my last. Although the other brothers in this story couldn't possibly be more interesting the Lord Ian himself.

Cindy Blurb: Beth is a newly rich woman after the elderly woman she had been a companion to left her an inheritance. Beth has not had an easy life but she's known love and understanding but it's been 7 long years since her husband died and she's ready to be a wife again. At least, she thought she was.

Lord Ian Mackenzie is believed to be mad, after all he was declared so in a competency hearing when he was 12 years old. Everyone knows he was released only because after his father's death his brother, a right powerful duke, made it happen. Ian states things as he sees them, has a photographic memory, can re-play any music he hears and is unable to stare anyone in the eye.

The minute he sees Beth he decides he must save her from a horrible betrothal and proposes to her on the spot. Beth, a sensible woman, declines the offer but can't stop herself from being curious about the man who seems unable to tell a lie.

And then came love.

I don't know that I can do this story any justice.

What I can tell you is that in the beginning I was stumbling with my perception of Lord Ian and that's because I had seen someone put a diagnosis on him and I thought it was autism. Not knowing an adult with autism but knowing plenty of children I couldn't get the image of Ian 'the man' right in my head. I was prepared to stop reading the story but decided to head off again in search of what Lord Ian might be suffering and discovered I had made a mistake and it's believed he has Aspergers. I have seen adult men portrayed with Aspergers so after that I was able to see 'the man' and not a child.

And it was awesome.

But I think I've mentioned that.

With the many nuances of Aspergers, there is a million ways for Beth and Ian to not understand each other but neither seems to want to walk away from the other. This is not just a relationship between Beth and Ian but also between Ian and his brothers, Beth and Ian's brothers, Beth and her previous relationships and finally between Ian and his awful father.

Like I said, I can't do this story any justice, just know that I really enjoyed it. I ended up staying up past my 'bedtime' to finish reading the story the night before Bob's family was to come for the day. And you know how I need to sleep!

All that said, there were a few things that quirked.

There is a mystery to be solved and it took Beth to figure it all out which seems a bit silly but I guess with the assumptions the brothers made, it would take an outsider who believed. There's a TSTL moment but I remember feeling invincible at the age of the heroine so maybe it's acceptable.

I also have to say I'm not sure the rest of the brothers are at all likable which makes me wonder if I'll like other books.

I know I would love to re-read it again in the future but I'll go with a B+ as a grade.


Kristie (J) said...

Yippee!! You liked this one - you really liked it! You had me worried there a few days ago. As you may have gathered *g* I went gaga for this one. And I love what you said in your review - yes, this was a relationship between Ian and his Beth (I loved the way he called her that) but also between Ian and his brothers. That's why I thought they were a fine addition and not just 'sequel' bait.

~ames~ said...

Hey Cindy - I'm still reading this one. I enjoy it so far. I'm glad you liked it.

FYI, a movie just got released in theaters called Adam, starring Hugh Dancy (great actor). It's about a man with Aspergers.

C2 said...

Yay! I'm so glad you ended up liking Lord Ian. :o) I think the brother with the estranged wife will have an interesting story. I don't remember much about the others, off the top of my head.

Bookwormom said...

I've got this one buried in my TBR, but I'm thinking I need to dragit out & read it soon. :)


CindyS said...

Kristie - I'm glad I kept with it - I think if I had gone into it without having heard anything about the hero I would have liked it immediately. I loved how his brothers were with him - all except Hart.

Ames - can't wait for your review - I just didn't have words to explain it all. And I saw the preview for that movie - also there is a show here in Canada about disease (can't remember the name now) and there was a character in it who had Aspergers and I loved him (he also had red hair, hmmm)

C2 - I'm not a fan of 'estranged' H/H but I'd let this author give it a try ;) But we have a long time to wait - went to her site and the release dates are far out. Yikes!

Bookwormom - hopefully it won't disappoint!


nath said...

Glad you enjoyed the book, Cindy!! :) I thought it was pretty good, not perfect, but still enjoyable :)

I'm actually looking forward to the brothers. I don't think that they should need to be likable to enjoy them :)

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