Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fork Me

I'm sorry I've been so absent.

I'm normally such a chatty Cathy I'm shocked but hey, I hope you are all well rested cause I'm back.

I think.

You're going to think I'm just a harbinger of bad news and I'm starting to wonder.

Emmy, my baby girl, whose video is down below is in the Kitty Emergency.

I'm on a high in the roller coaster road of life right now so if I sound flippant it's because I'm trying not to depress people.

Em went off her food the day, I'm talking THE DAY, Cody didn't come home. Me, being the dumb monkey I am thought she was upset or depressed. Bob mentioned (and seriously he just mentioned) that Em wasn't eating and that we should call the vet.

I should have called the vet.

I did today at 3pm thinking I would appease Bob. I'll mention here that when petting her last night I wondered why her skin was yellow.

Yeah. Jaundice.

Basically the vet (who was Cody's vet and knows we just put him down) was trying to be super positive and not tell me that my cat was dying.

She was.

After hours of negotiations (blood tests, x-rays, stay at reg vet where Em would be alone over night or at the emergency vet under 24 hr care?) we finally got her settled at the emergency vet.

400 bucks at regular vet.

1500 at emergency vet for now. Could be more or less but I don't care. I know. But remember we don't have kids and we don't go away on vacations and our pets are so very much a part of our lives.

Good news is I called and they had gotten Emma to eat without having to put a tube in through her nose and down her throat.

What's going on? The vet found a rotten tooth. WTF? I just didn't think to look in her mouth. So we're thinking the pain was too much for her to eat but why she couldn't eat her wet food is beyond me. I'm hoping that's not the bad news.

Both vets (my reg and the emerg) have said they think there is an underlying cause which means we're not out of the woods and Bob and I are on an emotional roller coaster that's making me crazy.

I will admit here that when the vet left the room Emma got a stern lecture on how she is strong and way too young (12yrs) to head into any white lights. I needed her and she needed to get better immediately. And then I smothered her in kisses - I swear the only cat in the world that will let you kiss and curl around her. Amber hates getting kisses.

Renee mentioned that she could hear Emma purring in the video. I swear she purrs like that the minute you look at her. She purrs and purrs and purrs. The vet couldn't hear her heart or lungs because she was purring so much. She does love the spot light.

My reg vet told me she's a happy cat. Yeah, I know. All my pets are happy so how am I supposed to know when they are sick!?

Bad Cindy.

I'm feeling a little paranoid. Losing Bob's Mom in August, Cody in Sept and now Em is sick. Meanwhile Amber is 15 years old.

You're right. Forget being a 'little' paranoid I'm in full mode paranoia.

I'm hopeful though. I really think she can pull through this and with the 24 hour care I'm hoping that it's a 'fatty liver' and not something completely different. Basically a cat can rebound from a fatty liver and it's quite common in cats. Who knew?

Okay, I'm going to see if I can wind down a bit.

I haven't been doing blog hopping but I'm hoping I'll find time this week. I think of you all and wonder how you guys are doing. I have to stop relying on Twitter to check on people because you aren't all on it!


Holly said...

Oh Sugar, I am SOOO sorry. I'll keep you and Bob and Emmy in my thoughts and prayers. I'm sure she'll be ok.

When Bella was only a few months old (and right before Christmas, too) she got Parvo! It was horrible. I was so afraid we were going to lose her. We took her to the emergency room and got meds for her, but the vet told me he didn't think she'd make it.

I took her home (couldn't afford to leave her in the emergency) and 2 weeks later she was fine! So see, there's hope. I'm sure everything will be fine.


Marg said...

Oh Cindy. That's a lot to deal with in a short period of time.

Hopefully your Emma will come through this.

LinnieGayl said...

Oh no! I was so worried that something was wrong when you didn't blog this week.

((((Cindy & Bob))))

ames said...

Poor Em! I hope she recovers, Cindy.

Hugs from my gang to your gang.

C2 said...

Oh no! Sending positive thoughts to you and Bob and Emma!


CindyS said...

Holly - isn't it awful when they get sick and you just don't know the right thing to do. Tonight I wanted to take her home but they said she still needed the IV fluids so yeah, she's still there.

Marg - thanks. I'm driving my older cat nuts by examing her all over. She's wondering when exactly I went crazy ;)

LinnieGayl - the week has been way too busy for my usual lazy self!

Ames, C2 - thanks guys. Went to see her tonight and apparently she getting frisky with the staff. She's not 'other' people person. She's quite happy to have Bob and I after that, humans are a huge pain in the ass ;) I'm hoping she'll be well enough to come home on Monday but her weight is so slight right now. She's just so fluffy that I couldn't see the weight she had lost! And she doesn't love the 'pick up' - so I just pet her where she is.


Bookwormom said...

Oh no! Hugs and best wishes all around.