Friday, October 03, 2008

Things That Occur To Me

I watched the VP debates and found they both did well. I could have used less 'gosh-darn' kind of language from Palin's side but she went for it. Still, I preferred Biden because he seemed to have answers to the questions asked.

I lasted 4 minutes into the Canadian debate before wanting to kill someone. First question out of the gate - there are 5 leaders at the debate table (and up here debating is like a rapid fire 'you suck and here's why' explosion that leaves me wondering what anyone is talking about). The first two answer what they would do about the economic crisis and the third, the leader of our country does not answer the question but attacks the liberal guys policy.

Uh, yeah. How about answering the question put before you before jumping down your opponents throat.

I had to shut it off (I've DVRd it) and when I came back there was still over-talking but at least someone commented on the fact that our leader didn't answer the question because he doesn't have an answer.

Holy shit!!

I turned it off again.

I'm in trouble but I guess watching it in 4 minute increments is better than deleting the whole thing. I might just finish it before I have to actually vote!

As to other things:

Haven't heard about my side. In Canada this is normal so no worries. I also think if there were a serious problem I would have already heard. What with me sleeping during the day I haven't been able to call my doc's office which answers it's phone for that odd time slot that is no where near an 8 hour day.

Also, I think the old meds have left the system and I notice I am feeling blue. Not outright bawling but I'm feeling like the summer ended way too early and that I'm in no way ready for the weather that is out there now. I barely want to leave the house. I'll have to remember this so I can tell the doc.

Work. Yeah, I do work. It's kicking my arse but more because I can't sit long in my computer chair without having my whole body lock it's self up into a pretzel. Ow.

That said, there are things afoot at the place of business and I'm sure I'll be no longer needed at any given moment. In the end, it's all good news for hubby and his job but not so good for me. In the long run, I'd rather Bobby be working and I remain the 'kept' woman. Cause I couldn't keep Bob on what I make!!

And I'm sick again.

Makes me worry (aha, another anxiety thing to remember) about illness in general. Looks like my 'no veggies, no fruit' rule needs to be adjusted and actually implemented.

Bad Cindy.

Okay, off with my kleenex box and sleepy time cold pills to watch Lipstick Jungle on DVR. Just the kind of gooey mix that means I may be asleep in a few hours.

Oh! In case I've never mentioned, those nasal strips work wonders for keeping your nasal passages open while sleeping. For me, being sick and unable to breathe makes for on sleepy grumpy Cindy. At least with the strips I stay asleep longer and am able to get the rest my body obviously needs to get better.

And I wasn't ready to put on jeans but I had to yesterday.

Maybe I'm off to sulk then.


nath said...

LOL, I watched neither debate... seriously, I don't think it's going to change much whether it's a liberal or conservator government. I don't think the conservator will get a majority either... I just hope we're not going back to vote in 2 years, sigh.

Also, I think there's a lot of "you suck" too in American debate... perhaps just not this year...

Sorry to hear you're sick again :( Just don't give it to Bob :) So he can keep you as a kept woman... seriously, sometimes, I really wished I was a kept woman, LOL :)

LinnieGayl said...

Funny, Cindy, I mostly watched the Canada debate (interesting format), but did switch back and forth to the U.S. V.P. debates.

So sorry you're sick as well. I think I may try those breathing strips, as I'm having big trouble sleeping, and after nearly 7 days with a cold/sinus infection, I need my sleep.

Hope you get good news soon about your side ((Cindy)).

C2 said...

Poor thing! (((Cindy))) Feel better soon!

Do you think it's the seasons changing causing your system to rebel?

I wanna be a kept woman, dang it. ;-)

Rosie said...

Geez Cindy, I hope you are feeling better.

Work has been busy for me too. I can't seem to get into any sort of routine to save my life. I LIKE routine. It makes me feel all warm fuzzy and safe.

As for the DIK thing, I can't, as usual, understand how it got so crazy.

Kristie (J) said...

I didn't watch either debate either. I can't stand Sarah Palin and since I won't be voting there - well it just seemed kind of silly. Watching the Canadian debate is just downright embarrassing! Besides....I've been reading this Very Good Book - *g* a much better way to spend my time.