Monday, October 20, 2008

Great Start

It's 8:30am and I'm just getting ready to wind down.

Tonight was tough in that I had to stay awake and transfer Emma from the Emerg vet to her regular vet. I went down there are 4:30am and picked her up. Hey, I was awake and wanted to avoid lines or traffic.

Emma is not quite as yellow and the Emerg vet said she did really well under their care. In the three hours she was home she tried and tried to eat. She got some down but I think her tooth or something is really bothering her.

I'm frustrated with the vets at this point. The E-vet didn't give me her appetite stimulants and only gave me a few pain pills.

Uh, hello!!

She's going to need more pain pills than what I got and if the appetite stimulant is helping then why take her off it when there is still just a small cast of yellow on her skin. Can we get her up to fighting power before we stop the successful treatment.

Then I pulled a stupid move.

I was exhausted - I have been going to bed around 4:30am and I wake up around 1 or 2pm. It's been working out great because I am spending more time with Bob and hey, Bobby time is precious.

They (E-vet) sent her home with her IV tap still in. I should have had them take it out but they did want Em to go to the reg vet.

For some reason the tape looked tight and I know it's been on since Friday so I cut it off. Em was thrilled. Then I thought maybe I could take the shunt out and not have to take Emma to the reg vet until the afternoon.

Meanwhile, Bob was up for work, got blasted for something (Lord knows because I was just bitchy and cranky and tired) and told me he would call in sick and take Emma in. I insisted he not do so because well, it wasn't a gracious offer by any means. It was more like 'just go to bed!! I'll call in sick'.

In our honeymoon period I would have had a gentle man by my side stroking my face and telling me I needed to go to bed and that he would take care of everything.


We ended up sniping at each other for the next hour. Hey, if he really cared he would have called in sick period. He didn't which means he wasn't all that worried.

Crap. Whiny Cindy just showed up. I hate that bitch.

So he leaves the house all grumpy and grouching about how I should have just let him do what he wanted because my eyes were barely open. I managed to keep from saying 'BITE ME'.

Aren't I precious?

Side Trip!

Just in care you are wondering why I didn't just lay down for a few hours let me see if I can explain. Bob got it immediately when I, ahem, told him in a soft sweet voice (bitch please, I sounded like a friggin' bear) that it's the same thing as going to bed at your normal time. Would you want to wake up and drive 2 hours afterwards? Could you?

Yeah, he got it. Poor guy. I'm still not sure he can hear properly now, hours later.

So I fight to keep my eyes open for the next hour and finally scoop Emma back up with her torn up shunt and put her in the laundry hamper ( totally different story about why a hamper).

She begged me not to take her back. Why do I say this? She was stretched out and putting her toes through the slits of the laundry basket and also trying to show me her belly. Meanwhile, she purred her throat raw I'm sure. Poor monkey.

We get to the vet and I do the drop off.

I managed not to throttle the woman at the front desk
Her response to everything was 'I'm not a vet so I can't even begin to understand what you are telling me'.

I'm not a vet either but even I know what I'm talking about dumbass.

I said something about the pain meds from the emerg and again I got shut down so fast with 'the vet will have to make those decisions'.

I was such a good woman. Let me tell you, I at no point said to her 'Listen up, I just want you to know that she hasn't had her 8am pain pill and since it's 8:05 it might be one of those things you would like to take care of. Her IV bags are in there - I tampered with her shunt so you'll have to re-tape (OMG the 'tude I got for that one made me want to grab the woman by the hair) Furthermore I think she should be on appetite stimulants for a few more days.

But no.

Not allowed an opinion or a message to the vet.

Just drop your cat here please.

Damn, they should just have a drop in slot.

Okay, I think I'm done bitching.

End of story, Em is on the mend and as long as the vet stays on this course of treatment until she's strong enough to have a tooth removed, then I think all may be well. There was a note in the file about an ultra-sound of the liver. Waiting on a price for that puppy.

Oh, and great news, the Emerg bill was half exactly of what they quoted. 750 back in our pockets for now.

Must go to bed. Hopefully some of this makes sense.


I started reading LK's Seduce Me and I'm loving it. I would try to stay up and continue reading but I don't think the world is ready for the results of such an endeavour.


nath said...

Wow, lots of drama :P I'm glad that Emma is doing better and you got 750$ back in your pocket :)

Sometimes, I really hate receptionists, ugh.

Kat O+ said...

Cindy, it never fails to amaze (and amuse) me that you can keep your sense of humour when crap is being flung in all directions. I hope Emma is restored to her old self soon and that Bob's ears have recovered. :-D