Monday, October 06, 2008

Quest, Dear Me!

The excitement over at Ramblings on Romance have me all a-twitter!

First, there is a new man giving Derek Craven a run for his money in Kristie's heart.

I admit to being a Sebastian woman but Kristie has never steered me wrong so hearing there is a new hero in a book written by no other than Lisa Kleypas, well, I'm in.

I finally packed up enough kleenex and cold meds to head off to the bookstore. I even had to ask someone to go find the book for me - 48 in stock but not on the shelf. What I couldn't remember for the life of me was whether or not I had bought the previous book Mine Till Midnight already. I left it there because there was something about the cover that had me thinking it's been in my house. *fingers crossed* I haven't found it yet.

But that's not the hero Kristie is excited about.

It's the hero from Seduce Me At Sunrise and his name is Kev. Here's where I admit I know basically next to nothing else about this book but I'm killer excited about reading it. And I have it in the house!!

I'd just like to feel better before busting it out.

Okay, but that's not where the excitement ends. Oh no. Kristie had to tell everyone about a book with a hero I was born to love. I'm a bit leery because I did read that there is a separation between the H/H and I never do well with those kind of things. But I'll have to 'woman up' and brave the drama for a close up look at a book that Kristie graded at 6 out of 5.


She ran out of grades on her own 5 point scale that she had to create a new one!

So I'm joining the Quest to let reader's know about a book hopefully coming to a store near you. It looks like it's out in the States but it's not available up here until November 8th. Booo!

Here's the book peeps.

Broken Wing by Judith James.

I have to be honest and tell ya that the cover alone would have had me moving away.

Want to know more?

Go see Kristie here.

Other than that, I need me some more cold meds. Bleck.


Marg said...

Kristie never has steered us wrong has she! I have added this one to my list - not sure when I am going to be able to buy it but hopefully soon.

nath said...

LOL, whenever Kristie pimps a book, we can't help but pick it up and give it a chance :)

I hope you find the first book in your house :)

CindyS said...

I'm just so excited but I need to find other titles that are going to be released around the same time to put on order.

Any suggestions on books coming up?


Kristie (J) said...

Cindy: LOL - there is a separation - but the story during the separation is just as fascinating and heartbreaking as when they are together. And during it, we see his longing and his heartbreak.
It's kind of like we see Gabriel's journey from the dark to the light and then back to the dark again. And I'm not going to give the ending away - but keep in mind - it IS a romance first and foremost - and I don't do well at all, at all with sad endings.
And as for suggestions - though I haven't ordered it yet - A Wallflower Christmas by Lisa Kleypas is much cheaper on line than in the stores. Meljean's latest is due to release in November and can probably be pre-ordered.