Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Let's Get Back To Me!

You knew that was coming.

1. I'm freaking out a bit about my side but I keep telling myself that I'm being a big boob. Yes, a shock.

2. I need to start exercising like crazy.

3. I WON BOOKS AT C2s!! Cause I'm a winner baby.

4. I'm reading my MJD still but work is busy so not so much. And TV is back so I've been watching too much. Bad Cindy.

5. At this moment I watching some show called Aftermath The World After Humans - the narrator is a killjoy. Apparently 5 days after humans just happen to disappear (go with it) most dairy cows have died. Domesticated animals are out of luck. Thing is, the nuclear plants are probably about to blow without us humans around to regulate stuff.

Note to self - if everyone dies of the plague and you survive - go and take care of the nuke plants!! I Am Legend - suddenly makes no sense. Damn. I love those kind of 'survivor' movies.

6. I got on the scale the other day and about fell over. I had gained 5 lbs. I was freaking inside and trying to keep it together. Later in the day I mention to Bob that Cindy Palooza is over. Bob asked why and I told him about the gain.

Bob: Oh, you didn't gain weight. I calibrated the scale to the scale at our office.

Cindy: 'scuse me?

Bob: The scale at work is extremely accurate so I moved our scale to the right number.

Cindy: *considers whether a maiming is necessary* So I haven't gained five pounds.

Bob: Of course not, you look great! (realizing he's caused some serious trouble that's about to land on his head)

Cindy: I want my own scale. One that tells me the old number!

Doesn't matter in the end, I have to make a friggin effort again.

This after the hubby just put in our new 36" gas range. I want to cook but soup and small amounts of nutritional goods are what's about to be on tap.



Kat O+ said...

(Hint to Bob: Recalibrate to the old setting one pound at a time. Really, could there be a more romantic gesture?)

Cindy, you're lucky you gain weight in pounds. I gain in kilos, which is why I haven't replaced the weighing scale since it broke over a year ago.

Dev said...

Haven't you heard back about your CT yet? I thought you would have heard something yesterday.

Holly said...

I don't even own a scale. I haven't in about 10 years, since I had my son and gained 85lbs. Eek!

I thought that Life After Humans show as pretty good. Very interesting to see how long things would last w/o us.

YAY for winning books. Hope they're good. ;)

Jenster said...

Good thing Bob is otherwise such a gem!!

C2 said...

You are such a winner! The books are on the way - they shipped on the 26th.