Friday, September 26, 2008

So Far, So Good

The scan went fine. Scan part was easy thank God.

I got a bunch of warnings from the doc's office. They may make you drink some water, they may fill your bowel with air (I had this done years ago and dignity is so not an option. I should share that story with you but I think you have to hear it told to get the full hilarity of the situation) which was my biggest worry, nothing like tooting your way out of the hospital. Or you may be asked to put a tampon in. (Seriously, I have no clue on that one unless they are looking for a reference point and then DUDE, you need more schooling!!)

Bobby, bless my man, took me in for 7:30am this morning. I didn't really want to be alone because 1) I'm usually asleep by that time and 2) I didn't know if I would be affected by anything they did.

The nurse lady shows up and tells me I need to drink a litre of water or orange juice with dye in it (or something). All I heard was 'tummy fine' or 'acid wash for tummy'. So I picked the water thinking I drink water all the time so no biggie.

She comes back with two large Styrofoam cups and tells me to drink them over the next hour.

I openly scoff, easy breezy people!


Tempid water laced with something that really is tasteless but at the same time not quite. I only drink ice cold water - I actually eat ice (makes my mother nutty). The good news is that I could totally pee if I needed too. The problem was three large gulps in and I wanted to throw up. Bobby being my kind of guy rubbed my back and told me I had plenty of time and I could totally do it.

The nurse came back with a smile. 'How's it going?'

Me: 'I hate you.'

Finally gag all the water down and I have to pee. Unisex bathroom people!! If I could have floated into the room and hovered I would have. Men are gross!!

I get out and they are waiting for me.

Next is a shunt thingie in the arm.

Right here I have to say *this* was not on the list of warnings!!

But I'm usually fine with needles, I just don't look. Needle is in and we're gravy. Only the nurse guy (did I mention HOT!) didn't think the plastic part (there's plastic in there!?) was working right. I never feel the needle pull out so I was surprised when he opened another kit.

Waaaaiiiiiit a minute. What's going on?

I have to put another one in only I'll go in your forearm.

Oh. Hell. No!

I look at him and tell him to try the other arm. I've only ever had needles that go into the elbow alcove so I wasn't looking for a tender part of the arm to get lanced. He gives it a good look and says, nope, in the forearm.

Crap. I did say a few words out loud when the needle went in. He says 'It's that feeling of pressure right?' Uh, NO!! It's the burning sensation as the needle carves it's way into the vein.

But I'm not a wuss and just say 'yep'.

Finally I'm all hooked up and brought into the room. Having read what happens when the contrast dye is pushed into the IV I make a comment about hot flashes (seriously, I hate them). The guy says, 'Hmmm, yeah, most women actually say they feel like they have peed their pants. You haven't though so don't worry'.


I get hooked up to the dye thing and see them fiddle with the stuff.

Arms over the head and I'm alone. Huh. I'm not having any hot flashes and I don't have any peeing feeling.

Lookit me all cool.

Two scans later I hear the radiologist.

'Okay, I'm going to start the dye now'


'Uh, okay'

She tells me to let her know if my arm hurts. Hmmm, no, it's just cold.

'Okay, now the dye is going to enter'

Oh, for Heaven's sake - just put the dye in.

Yep, felt like I wet my pants. No hot flash though - woohoo!

One whole scan and wham I'm done.

Hope they found the angle they needed!

Long story short, I have to wait for the results.


Edited: I'm posting two posts today so continue on to see a couple puppies playing.


Kat O+ said...

Was it a CT scan? When I had one done, they made me drink this nasty purple stuff. Looked like a thick shake, but tasted gross. I didn't feel the peeing thing so much, though, just kind of warm (maybe that's why it's like peeing?). I hope your results come back fine!

Dev said...

But aren't you glad they warn you that when they put the contrast dye in it feels like you're peeing your pants. I remember not believing them when they told me that. Nope. That's exactly what it feels like.

When do you get your results? Should be early next week, right?

C2 said...

Floating into the unisex - LOLOL!

It all sounds terribly unpleasant, even if the nurse guy was hot. It will probably end up with the results saying you have a bruise or an extra rib or something. (((Cindy)))

nath said...

Poor you, looks like it was very unpleasant! Glad Bob was with you and hope the results are good!!

LinnieGayl said...

Yikes! Doesn't sound pleasant at all. What exactly was in the water??

Laurie Likes Books said...

Cindy -

I'm so sorry that your testing was so miserable. I'm keeping a good thought.