Monday, September 29, 2008

Well, Shit and An Apology to Kristie

While working on my job tonight I ran through the discussions of the weekend and tried to figure out exactly what was bothering me.

I figured it out.

A private e-mail was referred to in a comment on this blog.

I can't be a hypocrite on this. I believe 100% that e-mails are private and are not to be posted online without the express permission of those involved.

So fuck me. You all know I hate being serious about anything but what I started I have to finish.

I am aware that the person whose e-mail was referred to feels the same as I do as we've had discussions about it before.

I apologize.

I have an e-mail in to the person to make sure I've got my facts right.

If she asks for the comment to removed I will do so immediately. At this time I am leaving it up until I hear from her. Knowing her like I do I think she'll probably let it stand which is why I didn't remove it immediately.

I blogged about my thoughts on posting private e-mails here during a completely un-related event a few years ago.

I will edit this once I hear back.

We all have friends on the internet and two friends have been hurting this past weekend.

I called Kristie this evening to apologize if I had hurt her and it turns out I had.

I'm very sorry.

I apologize here also so the world can see that I'm sorry that I hurt you.

Next post will be a LOL Cat tribute.

I swear.


sybil said...

I am TOTALLY fine with leaving it. I did not give permission. I may have been asked as I have about 4 or 5 unopened emails from her from days ago (nothing this weekend).

It is wrong or her. It is beyond my thinking why in the hell someone who has been on the net for so long could do something so amazingly stoopid.

But what is done is done and I am happy to own whatever words I speak be they nice, mean, fair or unfair.

I stand by what I said - crediting someone for inspiring an idea is good. It is something I would do. IT IS NOT a legal thing. And throwing a temper a fit is just shockingly stoopid.

And screaming bad manners, while posting private emails in public, one that goes as far as to ask if they can quote you and one that says point blank a few times they do NOT want it to be all about you because that was NEVER my point, well that sort of takes away the point no?


No soup for llb but you my dear did nothing other than speak your mind on your blog.

Careful though or you too will fall under my wicked mind control abilities. ;)

sybil said...

I should have waited to be awake for longer than 20 mins before posting

oops, no one really expects me to make sense anyway... do you?

nath said...

It's nice of you to apologize, Cindy. How is Kristie doing?

CindyS said...

Sybil - you're suggesting I have a mind to be tampered with ;)

I am truly sorry your confidence was betrayed on my blog. It was never my intent to further an already bad situation.

Nath - Kristie is one forgiving woman and I think this week you'll see some fun stuff on her blog. Like I said, feelings were hurt on all sides and I regret furthering any pain on anyone's behalf.

My bad.

Okay guys, I'm off to bed finally.

I'm also going to get my head out of the computer for a bit and remember I have a real life that could use some tending. My livingroom alone needs to TLC!!

Thanks Sybil and Nath.


sybil said...

So I guess you know me really really well eh cindy

That should worry us both *g*

Kristie (J) said...

Cindy: Oh sweety - leave it - I posted it on my blog before Laurie did here. That is a portion of what I sent her and since I don't consider it a breach of confidentiality at all on Laurie's part since I posted it myself, I'm fine.
I originally asked Laurie not to post it, but to me that was a cowardly act on my part and part of why I did the post I did. I had to step back and ponder between when she asked for permission and when I did that post.
If I had mentioned other names or said something to hurt someone it would be a different case, but as it is - I have no issues whatsoever that it was done.

sybil said...

Dude Kristie, you too?

LOL goes to show I always think everything is about me me me *g*

Can we create a club?

Holly said...

What happened to the LOL Cat Tribute? ::Sniffle::

Posting private emails = bad. Very naughty. How ironic that LLB was crying about ethics but then posted private emails. Curiouser and Curiouser.