Friday, September 05, 2008

Tonight at Midnight!!!

C'mon peeps - you have till tonight at midnight to enter the little tiny easy contest I have up where you could win a $25.00 gift certificate to an online bookseller of your choice!

It's Cindy week here in these parts but I'll have to say it's really been Bobby week. The weekend was really mine even though I had to cook and such but I loved it. This week has been more about Bob working on the kitchen while I try not to unleash C-Rex on unsuspecting individuals.

PMS and all that.

Poor Bob felt C-Rex's breath this morning after dawdling too long before getting me to a breakfast joint. Seriously. We were going out the door when we noticed Cody's sad eyes -or the 'gimme a biscuit or I'll die a horrible death while you are gone' look - Bob turned on his heel to go get one. I continued on to the car (without a book because why would I need one) opened the car, sat in the passenger seat and waited for Bob to come out of the house. And I waited. Waited. Considered honking the horn and then thought better of it since it was 7am. Waited. Steam started to rise from hair. Open door to get a breeze. Do the mathematical long conversion of pi in my head. And finally....

C-Rex: What the ^&%*$ (now remember it's morning and C-Rex manages not to roar) have you been doing?

Bob: Amber (blind cat) finally came down for breakfast and I had to pick her up to get to her food dish.

Side note: Thinking on it, it would have taken three seconds to do this, so I think there was some unruffling of feathers (namely Emma's who had already eaten and was waiting for Amber's dish to make an arrival so she could head butt Amber out and eat it herself). And quite frankly I'm thinking he must have put another cabinet in while I was in the car. No, really. I'm not exaggerating. Course C-Rex time is different from normal time.

C-Rex: I'm sorry, is it Amber week!? (Bob's in the car by this time) NO!! It's Cindy week and I'm about to gnaw off my arm I'm so friggin' hungry!! But no, we have to make sure Amber gets breakfast first - Cindy week dammit!!

Bob: *laughing* Okay, so C-Rex is up. I wonder where we can go so I can unleash her on someone?

C-Rex: Ohhhh, me likey.

Bob: Hmmm, I'm not sure how C-Rex would be with jail time.

Cindy: *C-Rex retreats* Yeah, not so much on the jail time.

*looks around to see if a person could actually pace in a car - answer? No.*

Cindy: Could you drive any slower!? *covers mouth - apparently C-Rex is still clawing*

Later - after breakfast and on our runabout (which is tough because I'm awake when I shouldn't be and I know my sleep monkey is riding my back so we have limited time) - C-Rex snaps to -

A car in front of us got shot at (with C-Rex guns *pow, pow, pow,pow, kapow, pow, pow - okay you get the point*), followed by my imitation bazooka (beeeeerrrrrrzzzzzz - *small voice of fear* Mother! *dramatic wait* KABOOM!!! *hands imitate the blast radius*) and when the damn car went into our lane after Bob finally attempted to pass him, C-Rex stroked out and fell into the back seat.

I thought Bob was going to crash the car from laughing.

Good news.

We had to go back to the house before the 'runabout' and I knew Bob was going to IKEA for returns and orders for the kitchen. That's about an hour of hell for someone like me. What did I do? I got out the latest Anne Stuart Fire and Ice and brought it with us.

Sometimes emergencies are just keeping C-Rex from storming through a store with an attitude.

And I'm reading.

And it's Annie.

Cindy week gets back on track.


ReneeW said...

I'm LMAO here at work. Man, I wish I could get me a Renee-week but it would never happen. Bob is a treasure, you know that don't you? C-Rex sounds a lot like me when I get home from work. He wants to chat and bug me about stuff and I'm NOT in the mood. Hey, I'll try to enter your contest but it sounds like work. Have fun with your week.

Holly said...

I'm LMAO, too. I luurrve C-Rex. Totally have a girl crush on her (and you). :)

I keep forgetting to enter the contest..I'll put a reminder on my calendar, but I'm not promising anything.

C2 said...

C-Rex is such fun! (Not sure C-Rex should be allowed even pretend weaponry.)

It's good to know everything is back on track and all is right with the world. :-D

nath said...

LOL :) We love C-Rex :) I guess it's because we've never actually met her, just heard of her :)

I'm sure Bob loves her as much :)