Thursday, September 18, 2008

Comfort Shopping

Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers and your understanding.

I've been reflecting on what Rocky and Cody have taught me.

Patience is tops for sure - talk about uptight when I was younger, now you could run through my house with a flame thrower and I wouldn't blink. Okay, I might make a crack about who's going to clean that burnt stuff up but I'm good.

Don't take life too seriously cause shit happens (literally around here).

Getting mad is the easy way, taking a step back and finding compassion takes work and it pays in spades.

I'm stronger than I thought - cleaning an open oozing wound was something I would have said I could never do. By helping Cody I was able to 'woman up' when Mama Smith was sick and help in ways I wouldn't have been able to do a year ago.

Just a few things hitting me tonight.


Obviously a new chapter is about to unfold around here. This Saturday is supposed to be nice up here so we've invited the Godkids and their friends over to swim. Bob was so cute when he asked if I thought they might bring their puppy. Uh, yeah. My best friend doesn't leave her house without her puppy - that would be Sunny. Fingers crossed that the weather will hold and we'll have a last summer hurrah in the back yard.

Bob took me to the bookstore tonight. Surprisingly at a loss as to what to pick up.

I hit the Harlequins first because they are the old time comfort read and turns out Diana Palmer had a title out also. Must have known I'd need it. Also bought a Catherine Mann title.

Then I decided to head to the erotica section.

I know, I don't really climb out of my box often but I figured there would be romantica misplaced in there. And I'm needing something with an edge. Sharp and dangerous but hey, I read that Anne Stuart already. Crap.

So I found McCarty - I'm wondering if maybe I own it now that I'm looking at the cover again. Will have to double check.

And for my way out there choice, Megan Hart's Tempted - I think that one might be erotica.

I've bought other books over the past few months but I have a horrible memory and can't remember if I blogged about them already.

I'll admit right now that I bought the latest Betsy book from MaryJanice Davidson.

Shut up.

On a completely different note - I'm starving.

Yeah, you're right, I have no clue what starving really feels like but today is one of those days where I could eat every second of the day.

I see some comfort food being cooked in my future.


Jenster said...

Awesome attitude, Cindy! We could all learn a little something from you.

C2 said...

Dude, you're still reading the Betsy books? How are they? I haven't read the last several, I'll admit. Should I start back up?

CindyS said...

Jenster - yeah, I'm all that ;)

C2 - Yep, still reading Betsy - not her other series. She had a few duds in there but I liked the last one. I get mad at myself because I keep paying HC prices and then feel ripped off. Bad Cindy.