Thursday, September 18, 2008

More Comfort

I pulled out a Prime Rib from the freezer this morning and when I got up (you caught that did you) shoved it in the oven and went to see the BF.

BF was baby sitting a 4 month old who finds me entertaining and she is just cute as a button. Then there is her puppy that thinks I'm all that too.

An hour later Bob called and was home early. Cool.

That said, I don't like rare meat so I cooked that prime rib till it was black all over. It was surprisingly easy - in the oven, out the door and when Bob got home we went out and ordered the oven from IKEA. Came home, peeled up some potatoes and then made up the gravy. Yeah, we ate late - 8:30pm but I think once I get an oven on the mainfloor again I'll be able to make some changes. (I'm not a basement dweller and the only oven is in the basement - I braved the lower level so I could have me some meat, potatoes and gravy)

Right now the cats are on the ottoman near my feet. Emma hasn't tried to sit with us for years. Emma never liked the dogs, poor thing, but it sure didn't take her long to stake her claim again!

As arrogant as cats are, they still know when we need them.

I took a couple pics but I'm on the wrong computer - will share tomorrow.

And off point, anyone else end up tasting the chemicals they clean with? Right now all I can taste is Murphy's Oil soap. I'd go and pour another coke but that would be three for the day and I'm not sure my tummy could take it. Still, the water I'm drinking isn't cutting it. Neither is the Kit Kat I ate a 1/2 hour ago.



Rosie said...

So at 12:40 AM I'm craving prime rib. It just sounds so good. Maybe cuz I didn't eat dinner??

C2 said...

Yup, I've had that problem with cleaning products. Blech!

Sorry I missed dinner. ;-)

C2 said...

And, btw, you won books!

CindyS said...

What!! Where!!??

Off to find out!