Thursday, September 25, 2008

I Can't Say I've Been Busy

Oh, well hold on. I have been a bit busier than usual.


Didn't think that would happen.

Work was a bit more than usual and then there were the AAR Mini-Polls that I was working on.

Okay, here's one for you. Does your butt, back, legs, arms, neck cramp up if you sit in your computer chair too long?

Just say yes and make me happy.

I think my arm ache (screaming pain) was from doing laps in the pool on the weekend. Yeah, not bright when you haven't been doing enough physical stuff.

I did get out last night - my BF got herself plastered and I had to tell her to call in sick to work. She argued and such but yeah, you can't go to work drunk.

Then there was the drama of what she reveals when she's not sober. One of her good friends is very Christian (don't ask me, I'm just saying) and I think we were about a minute and a half away from her throwing the BF down. Not that I blame her but hey, sometimes you have to know the person you are friends with and for some reason, I'm not surprised about her thoughts on certain subjects. (infidelity - she's been there, done it, done it again and so on. Some guy is about to come back into her life and she openly says to us that if he comes to her she won't be able to say no. Uh, yeah. Fuck off. Thing is, I'm one of those friends for life people. You have to accept the good and the bad but she was way too drunk to have a rational discussion about what she was telling us. The Christian friend told me BF had been talking to her for weeks about it while this was the first time I had heard it. Stunned that she would load that crap onto her other friend but maybe she's hoping she'll save her. *shrug* )

So she can play fast and loose with one set of rules but then try and open her to ideas that aren't familiar and she gets all judgy. Hey, have an opinion but don't make fun of people. See another of her friends was there and she does Reiki (I don't know) and BF starts talking about how it's voodoo and garbage and making woo-woo noises and I just wanted to give her a good slap. You don't believe, then fine, just don't be an ass. I'll call her on it another time cause this isn't the right time - she's all stressed an stuff but I felt bad for the other friend who was openly mocked. I have never played like that. Again, trying to have a discussion with drunk BF not conducive so I have to leave it until another time.

This is probably way too much information but obviously I needed to vent. That night was like the Twilight Zone.

I'm going for a CT scan of my abdomen this morning at 8am. I have that pain in the side and Bob's been ruled out so they decided to take a look. I'm hoping it's just a huge thing of gas. Yep, in my imagination they'll just take a huge ass needle, shove it in my side and wham, air leakage.

I'm positive that way.

I'm more worried about the fact that it's closing in on my bed time and I'm sleepy. Bob's taking me down so I don't have anything like that to worry about. I just have to try and not be snappy.

Remind me to tell you about the small fight Bob and I had this afternoon. The good news is that usually just end up making the other person laugh and then we're both laughing. It was that kind of an argument.

Okay, off to try and stay awake.



Dev said...

Good luck at the scan. Will you know something immediately, or will you have to wait?

And yes, my butt, back, legs, arms, and neck all cramp up. Then I have to do the grunt and groan thing when I get out of the chair. This aging thing sucks. Just sayin'

C2 said...

You need a new chair, I think. Or to stand up more often. ;-) Seriously, if that many things are cramping up, a change of chairs might be in order...something ergonomic and adjustable.

Do you still have your appendix? Gall bladder? Of course, you've already been scanned by now, I'm guessing. Did they find a hammer or a wrench or something like in Operation? Heh.

LinnieGayl said...

Hi Cindy, I hope the scan went okay.

CindyS said...

Dev - I'll have to wait - I don't imagine it will be long - maybe Tuesday. Dev, hon, we aren't nearly old enough for this crap!!

C2 - I think so too but the chair I want it gobs of money. I should mention my feet are always on the desk and the keyboard in my lap. But that's normal right ;)

I have everything I was born with. Hmmm, if there's anything there I hope it's a huge gold brick. Means I would be rich and lose weight!

LinnieGayl - the scan part was easy - it was the liter of gross water (I always drink water ice cold) for the hour before hand, the male nurse (HOT!!) who didn't get a vein the first time so on to the next - ow. And contrasting dye in the arm which when it's pumped into your body you feel like you've wet yourself. Luckily I was warned about that so I didn't freak out.

I told Bob I was on the table and all hooked up and thinking 'hey, I'm not having a hot flash and I don't feel anything - cool, my body's not reacting to the dye. Two scans later 'Okay, I'm going to start the dye in your drip'. Oh, right.