Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Wow, this weekend was fantastic!

It's rare for me to enjoy so many people coming and playing but I finally found my cooking mojo which meant no stress!

Saturday we had my best friend's family - God Kids and friends! and other adults - burgers, boiled farmer market potatoes with some pepper and butter (OMG YUM), caesar salad and ice creams. Pool time up the wazoo, Bobby set up the slip and slide for pool terrified God son, camp fire in fire pit, marshmellows, chipits, graham crackers, night swim with pool light and a puppy that couldn't stay out of the pool!

After 7 hours I was busted but stayed out of the bed so that I could sleep before my family came the following day.

They showed up at 3pm. Now my Dad is on his way back to Malaysia as we speak and they don't eat beef there. So I made up home made burgers (his fav), more farmer market potatoes, the best farm fresh corn on the cob and of course, caesar salad. Drumsticks (ice cream cones). Pool time up the wazoo again, Bob cleaned up all the dishes, and then lots of family time. Call came in at 10pm from Godson, he had such a great day the day before, could we do it all again tomorrow?

HELL YEAH!! Only no cooking!!!

Got up today to everyone in the pool including the youngest Godson who was terrified of our pool proudly clinging to the shallow end wall. Couldn't get him out of the pool! He finally figured out he could stand in the shallow end. Yay!! He even let me swim him to the deep end piggy back style. Yeah, I was the piggy. Shut up. Puppy once again a fish and time in the pool with my hubby (he didn't swim at the same times as I did the previous two days because of hosting duties - but we didn't have any so I asked him to swim with me. I'm sure we made 'em nauseous with our water snuggles).

Now I'm listening to my Birthday iPod after spending the past few hours figuring stuff out including music I wanted to download. Talk about bliss!

I've got lots of pictures I'd like to share but I'm on the wrong computer BUT, I think I could get one of the videos I took of Sunny playing in our pool. (Cody was sleeping when he was over and if you let him out at the same time as Sunny, Sunny tries to play with him but Cody doesn't understand anymore. Poor guy. But he had lots of love and attention when my family was over. And yes, he ate a whole hamburger cause I'm a huge push over.)

Here's a little video of Bobby filling up Josh's slip and slide.

And this one is a little grainy because I messed up a button on my camera - don't really know how to take videos on the camera. Sunny did this all day long. And yes, that really is my voice.


Jenster said...

I LOVE the videos!!! Makes me want a pool for my _____!

nath said...

Wow, sounds like you had a great week-end!!! and Sunny is soooo cute! He looks much bigger than in previous pictures!

Man... makes me want to come over to your house and enjoy the pool, LOL :)

nath said...

ps - to make a sticky post, you just change the date of your post. For example, if you want your post about the contest to be seen till Friday, you put Friday's date. Since you've already published it, it should stay up :)

Christine said...

Hi Cindy!
Happy Belated Birthday! =)
Your Weekend sure does sound fantastic. Great videos-Sunny is simply adorable. And your pool is gorgeous. I would come and cook for you for a weekend just so I could hang out by and in the pool between meals! ;) How long do you keep the pool 'open'? Not that I'm really coming over or anything . . . LOL

CindyS said...

Jenster - we have a kiddie pool for our dogs - we had a liner pool so they couldn't go in!

Nath - Yep, he's growing! Next summer? Oh, and I'll try that sticky thing.

Christine - YOU WOULD COOK!!!?? C'mon over!!! ;) We'll keep the pool going until about October. Then the push to close it is the next thing. That's always some drama.


nath said...

Definitively will come next summer :D

and looks like the sticky post worked!! Yay!! Be careful though, if you change the date option beforehand, then instead of being a sticky note, it'll be a scheduled post. You have to publish your post first then change the date so it'll be a sticky post :)

sybil said...

So it is your closet I want to move into...

looks like you guys had fun