Friday, August 29, 2008

Birthday Week in Three, Two.....

So things are still the same.

The choking cough that never settles mixed with that heavy feeling in the chest ain't so fun but it's better than where I was last week.

This weekend is going to be BUSY!!

Tomorrow night we go see West and her potential new home here. I'm excited but I don't know how close she is to pulling the trigger. All the same, dinner out peeps!! I'm thinking fries and gravy - wonder if I can find a place that'll have a BLT without the LT - yum!

Saturday is super packed with my Godkids and every friend they have coming for swimming, food and fun. I figure Bob will need to take a nap half way through.

Now that would normally be where I pull the rip cord and call it quits but my Dad goes back to Malaysia on Monday.

Sunday is family day by the pool and of course, a BBQ. They don't eat beef in Malaysia so I'll be cooking up some home made burgs for my Dad. Sunday looks like a killer day to stay by the pool though so it's all good.

Except for the algae.

With us sick we didn't get near the pool for two weeks. It started to go green there last week but I shocked and killed it. But again, we were sick so we didn't vacuum out the dead stuff and well, more has grown. Tonight we shocked but I didn't get the algicide in. The key to killing algae is making sure you brush down the pool (including the sides) and well, I don't have the strength - takes an hour at least.

I did it when I was sick a week ago and my upper lip had sweat on it!!!!! That's not normal, right?

At the same time, my family wouldn't care because we swam in lakes as kids - a pool is downright glamorous!

Not so for Bob.

Wants it all vacuumed out.

Sounds like he has his marching plans for the weekend.

*looks around* All right, for those of you who made it this far, the rest is going to make you vera happy!

Bob is off next week! Yeah, baby! Birthday week will begin. I'm thinking we need a giveaway.

Ah, you caught that did ya?

I don't get ARCs unless I win them so I can't do anything like that.

I'm thinking gift certificate from your choice of Online Bookstore.

Yeah. That works.

You should have to do something though right?

What to do?

Maybe a blog hunt?

Do I hear moaning? Makes me think I'm on the right track.

To wet the appetite we'll do TWO winners of $25.00 gift certificates.

Huh - Who's birthday week is it, eh?

Birthday week peeps. You point to it, you get it.

Screw it, we're doing THREE winners for $25.00 each.

Yeah. Sometimes I roll like that.

AND we'll put up the questions tomorrow night and you all get a week cause I'm too excited to wait too long.

Check back tomorrow cause I'm too brain dead to go looking for questions right now.


Jenster said...

I'm glad you're feeling better. But DON'T PUSH IT!!

Your pool sounds so marvelous. So do your weekend plans.

And I'll be back to see the game!!

nath said...

Wow, that is an extremely busy week-end!!! You're starting your birthday week with a bang!!

Good luck on the pool. All the work is going to be worth it when you're in it :)

Happy birthday week!! and thanks for the contest!!!

Holly said...

You're so cute. I love that you do Birthday week w/ presents for OTHER people. So you.

I agree that you should take it easy now that you're feeling better. Give yourself a couple more days to fully recover.

Have a great weekend!


C2 said...

Do not overdo! You will relapse, trust me...I know. Otherwise, let the good times roll! Wheeee!

CindyS said...

Jenster - I bought some expectorant to get the crap out of my lungs. Probably no swimming for me tomorrow :( Sunday though looks really hot and humid - may have to get over my sick self for that!

Nath - will you play? I'm thinking of doing something easier cause I'm slightly brain dead at the moment. Bad Cindy.

Holly - I took my first nap of the week tonight to try and rest up for the derby weekend. I told Bob tonight I would probably sleep through Monday - he said that would be fine. What a keeper!

C2 - NOOOOO!! I no want relapse! Okay, I'll tell Bob my peeps said I couldn't over do it. He'll find that super cute. Or irritating ;)