Friday, August 15, 2008

C-Rex Kind Of Day

Poor Bob didn't know what hit him when I got up this morning.

That's right. MORNING!!

My gorgeous cousin stayed over night so I made myself get up at 11:30am thinking I could dope myself up by 2am and get lots of rest. Ah, no. My cousin stayed up until 3:30 in the morning!! Then my stupid drugs didn't kick in and shazam, 5 hours of sleep.

C-Rex rolled out of bed, grumbled about how people just don't understand and fell into the shower. After 15 minutes under heat Rex decided to keep moving.

20 minutes later I go downstairs to see my cousin and Bob.

Now you think Bob would know better than to come at me the minute I wake up. Or you know, the first few hours after I wake up.

So Bob is all excited because he thinks he's solved this problem we're having in the kitchen only it's the same solution he's been trying to get me to agree to since the beginning of time!

Let's just say there is a bay window in our kitchen that needs to be removed because we're re-designing the whole thing. Only Bob has decided his original idea of leaving the damn thing in and just putting the counter in front is brilliant.

Just so you know. IT'S NOT!!!

He just kept saying it would save us 4000 dollars (can you believe taking out a huge window and replacing it with a smaller version would cost so much!!??).

C-Rex roared to life when he wouldn't hear my HELL NO!!

So then he got pissy with C-Rex.

Doesn't bode well for most people but C-Rex also loves Bob (luckily) and although there were lots of teeth snapping and horror filled growling moments Bob survived.

We compromised cause if I had to talk about it one second longer I swear 'divorce' would have come out of my mouth. I turned to my cousin and told her to relax cause we weren't fighting. Bob agrees and says yes, we're just debating.

Debating? It sounds like someone is being a whiny bitch and this time it ain't me!!!

Nah. I'm okay. I'm still not happy with the solution because design wise it's just wrong. Wrong I tell you!

But screw it, I'll live to fight another day.

And there may come a time when Bob goes on a business trip only to come home and find that very window missing.

Cause C-Rex never forgets.

As to the rest of the day, it was great. I'm just exhausted and ready to start winding down. My nerves are shot cause I'm worrying about stupid stuff but I'll survive just like I always do.

I just might take out a few people along the way cause C-Rex is ready to play.


Jenster said...

These men of ours should just except we're right and they're not. Their lives would be so much simpler that way.

Holly said...

Aww Cindy, I love you AND C-Rex. Boys are dumb, but we love them anyway, right?

I really do love you, but I'm totally snickering over C-Rex loving Bob, too. hahahha

Anyway...I totally think you're right (because I'm always on your side) but I like big windows in the kitchen. If you need help sneaking it out while Bob is away, though, call me. :P

ames said...

Cause C-Rex never forgets.


C2 said...

Oh the image...

*stomp* grrrrooowwwwlllll *stomp* grrrrwwwoooolllll *waves tiny arms around with more stomping*


LinnieGayl said...

Oh dear! Pictures please of the offending window??

CindyS said...

LinnieGayl - I thought you would never ask ! ;)

Pictures to come. Bob was there and was miffed I was going to post pics. 'But the kitchen is no where near done!!'. Uh, yeah. I figure by next Christmas will be good but until then it's all blog fodder!