Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I Know You Didn't Mean It

I was getting worried but then LinnieGayl finally asked the question I had been waiting for - PICTURES!! - I knew you all still loved me.

Course a few things have happened since the dust up over the kitchen.

1. My Dad is home from Malaysia and family time is prime time right now. So not so much Cindy time.

2. My best bud is home for two weeks (moved out west earlier this year and missing her HUGE) so friend time is prime time.

3. Bob has come down with evil cold (man I hope it's not the one Kristie had because she was suffering!) which would be okay in that life goes on but my best bud's Mom is very ill and has low immunity. Now I'm stressing that I'll get it next and then Bob and I will be too sick for a visit. My best bud has already said it's not a problem but I've asked for a few days before a visit so if we're contagious it will pass before she comes over.

4. I'm exhausted.

Okay, 4 might not seem like a new situation but I get out of sorts when my routine gets tossed and man, it's been tossed for about 3 weeks now. So sleep has been hard to come by and when I finally do fall asleep someone needs me to get up. I'm thinking of calling the health department and having the house declared a quarantine zone with me in it. Maybe then I'll have a full 10 hours of sleep!

That leads to

5. Bob got bad news his first day back at work. Since Bob is sick he's not taking it well but I know in a few weeks he'll be able to face the challenge. I just feel bad for him because he works so hard and then gets the rug pulled out from under him. Then they tap him with their magic wand and ask him to fix it all again. Thus he was home early, woke me up and needed to vent.

That's that for now but I know you all wanted to ask for pictures of the offending window in the kitchen but were too worried about my mental health.

The pictures didn't turn out fantastic because the sun was super bright.

I have to tell you! Bob was really grumbly while I took the pictures.

He was all : 'This isn't fair! The kitchen isn't even finished yet so it won't show nice! I'm taking that white thing out of the window because it'll be granite'

Me: It won't be granite, I've told you that!

Bob: Whatever! The white won't be there and if you take a picture with the white your friends will think it's all wrong!

Me: They'll be right!

Bob: *huff* Fine. Be that way. I'm just trying to create the kitchen of your dreams. *raises nose in the air*

Me: *voice almost at screech level* My dream kitchen doesn't have a bay window that's not the right size!!

Bob: Well, I'm building the dream kitchen we can afford.

Me: *smoke shooting out ears*

Bob: Guess you better get on that lottery ticket.

Me: I'm taking my pictures!

Bob: Fine!

Me: Fine!

*snort* Good thing we love each other or that window would have had a pot thrown through it. There's more than one way to get what I want and C-Rex may be the answer.

Here is the bay window with the counter that will go in front. This will be where the sink will be.

Okay, the second picture - you have to really look because of the reflections but yeah, those are the back of the cabinets. Bob's suggesting putting granite up the back and into the bay window. There is a rule (by this I mean Bob has promised me) that NOTHING will ever be put in that bay window. I hate clutter and dust. My dad was giving me the gears and was telling me how great plants would look in there. Uh, no. They'd be dead because I have no green thumb.

Now my brother came up with a real unique solution. He suggested we get stained glass panels along the bottom of the windows. Course, that would probably eat up that 4 grand savings Bob thinks we pocketed.


Okay, I want to share pictures of the current state of the kitchen. What we're doing is putting everything where we plan to put new cabinets and an island and see how it's going to work. So far, I'm having problems with 'center'. That's usually an Aries trait (Bob) but he says it won't bother him. I'm hoping it's just the mish-mash of horrible cabinets, criss-crossed floors and different wall surfaces that's messing with me.

The new cabinet cupboards are in the right hand picture on the left hand size. I think they'll end up being all solid doors.

In the first picture we're thinking of a feature wall behind where Bob is standing. Oh and there'll be no uppers on the bay window side. Where the upper is between the windows will be where the 6 burner oven with fancy hood will be.

And the floors will be a med stained oak hardwood.

Yeah. I got plans ;)


Bookwormom said...

How long do you think it will take you and Bob to finish the kitchen?? It looks like a huge project to me, although I know you guys are used to it, what with the houses you guys have flipped in the past. That kind of clutter drives me bananas in very short order, but it seems like you've got it all under control! I can't wait to see the "after" photos!

Rosie said...

It seems like everybody is getting new kitchens. We did ours about 3 years ago, now I want to re-do our teeny tiny bathrooms. GG says not this year. *sigh* I guess putting our boys thru college should take precedence, right?

CindyS said...

Bookwormom - I'm thinking a long time. In our last house we did one room at a time. Bob's rule. When we moved here we had done 2 reno houses and I think Bob forgot how to do the 'one room' rule. I got on his case there a few weeks ago that I needed at least one room in the house where I could walk in a feel like it's done. So far, not so good. And Bob is never under control - keeping him from spending every last cent we have on drywall is a full time job ;)

Rosie - Yep, I think Bob would be sorely upset if we had kids and I had to reign him in to feed them ;) That's the one room in the house that is almost done (the floor is heated and the silicone gasket for the toilet has melted and causes some weird stuff - have begged him for weeks to fix it. I just finished re-varnashing the wooden counter top that had started to flake and look tatty. My dad noticed it first thing and told me what a great job I had done. *preens*) Kitchen will probably take months to do but we do things as we can afford them instead of going in hawk up to our eyeballs. At least I think that's what we try to do ;)