Thursday, August 14, 2008

Go Now!!! Or Maybe Later.

Cause of timing and having my beautiful cousin over for a couple overnighters, I can't stay up and blog my usual stuff.

So head's up for my guest review over at the Book Binge for Nalini Singh's Hostage to Pleasure - it's not up yet but hopefully today or tomorrow (second link down on the sidebar). It's a non-spoiler review and it's probably got less information than the back blurb but hopefully I hit on what is so great about this story.

I loved Judd (Caressed by Ice) but there was a scene that I didn't enjoy because it made things too easy so I had to skim some points off in the final grading. HTP, however, had no miss steps and Dorian was a wonderful and sexy hero. I'm actually considering immediately re-reading my favourite parts and I rarely do that just after finishing a book!

I just can't wait to see what Ms. Singh brings us next! But I'll need to calm down and just move onto another book to keep my reading mojo ticking.

Sorry, I have to get to bed or I'll be too tired tomorrow and well, that's never good. Let's not even mention that fact that C-Rex will make an appearance this weekend sometime because my sleep clock is being messed with.

You've been warned.

Now I just have to remember to remind Bob.

He doesn't like C-Rex surprise attacks.

Oh, remind me to post about the books I've been buying over the past little bit - I think I have bought enough here and there to do a post now.


Holly said...

You bought books? YAY! I'm kind of laughing at poor Bob being surprised by C-Rex. Is that wrong of me?

Your review will be posted tomorrow. It's great, btw, and I thank you again for letting us post it at BB. You're so cool like that. :P

I can't wait to read the book now.

Hope you're having a good visit w/ your cousin! ;0)

nath said...

Yay!! Hope you'll be back to reading soon :) can't wait to read your review of HtP :) Have fun with your cousin!

Allison(s)Reads said...

thanks for your review, i enjoyed it! can you reveal who is Mercy's hero (if it was shared in the teaser excerpt at the end of HTP)

CindyS said...

Allison - I think it's the wolf Riley. I'm thinking it's Breanna's older brother but I can't really remember. Bad memory me ;)