Sunday, August 10, 2008


With the passing of Bob's mom last week, Bob gets bereavement time.

This means that he will probably be off for all this coming week. I'm just not up during the day right now so I feel bad or guilty which is never good.

I know there is a saying about life happening when you are making other plans but August is now looking all stress filled instead of relaxing.

Also, Bob was put on a Home Depot diet before this past week and to say he's at his wits end is an understatement. I have told him to do what he needs to help him cope. What do I mean about this? Last year when Bob's father passed he built a shed. Not just any old shed, no, it's a one of a kind, totally bitching piece of handy work. (I'll get a picture up later)

Thing is, I put the fear of God in him last month with a realistic look at his over spending at Home Depot. Now, bless him, he refuses to go to HD. Oh sure, he has asked if he can spend about a hundred and fifty bucks (my answer was HELL YES!! Whatever you need!) but he hasn't gone yet. I'm tickled proud but I also know my man and he needs to keep his mind active to help cope.

Eg. When the Twin Towers were destroyed on 9/11 Bob saw the footage once, got up and renovated for about 14 days straight (I couldn't tell you what he did because I was glued to the TV hoping and praying for survivors). He would work until his body just gave up and fell into bed.

Right now, I have little odd jobs that he is working on but he needs more.

On that note, he saw something at Costco that he thought would be a perfect feature for our kitchen.

Our future kitchen.

Our future kitchen that's going to take a huge wad of cash to build.


And since I'm the financier, I know we really can't get into that right now.


I just can't say no.

So I'll let him run with it this week but then I'll have to reign him in again once he gets back to work.

And hey, if he's busy building something, I'll have time to READ!!!

If I'm lucky that is.

Hey, anyone need help spending money? Cause I have this great guy ... but he's only for building and spending money nothing else!! *evil eye*


Kat O+ said...

That's a shed?!?!??!

CindyS said...

Kat - you just made my hubby's day ;) And yeah, that's our shed. My mom says she'll retire there one day.


Kat O+ said...

Well, my first thought was, Can I move into your shed? I just showed it to my hubby and he thought it was a house.

Bookwormom said...

I hope keeping Bob busy will help him while he's grieving, although I'm sure the bank accounts will be tight. Busy hands help a heart heal faster, IMO. Hugs.

CindyS said...

Thanks Bookwormom - he used up all his drywall in one day. Yikes! Not sure what to do now.