Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Yikes! I was super MIA over the past 5 days.

I have been flashing in to the San Fran bloggers and authors blogs to try and keep up. Twitter is also eating away some time. Best Bud and I are on the phone all hours for the past few days (I've decided her boyfriend is a complete asshole and she needs to leave him now. Course, it's not my life. Ugh - may be a few rant post coming up), free time with Bobby and then end of the month numbers were fast and furious not to mention a long weekend.

At this moment my back is in so much pain I won't be able to type much longer. I have no clue what I've done. I swam tonight for exercise (I've been asking Bob to walk me - yes, I'm lame but I've been walking farther and farther in the past week but we didn't find time tonight) also, my right leg feels like it's got a pinched nerve. If I didn't know better I would say severe PMS but I can't remember.

Stupid Cindy.

Let's see if I can pull up a short version of the week.

Thursday I was so relaxed I had to double check myself. We went to Magoo's grave which is in Toronto (my Achilles heel when it comes to anxiety) then we went to a restaurant called Magoo's in honor of his dad. Bob loved the food. I only had fries because I was a tad nervous but it passed fast.

Then we went to the hospital to see Bob's mom and she looked fantastic. We thought for sure she had turned the bend and was sent home. Sadly tonight we got the call that she was taken back and now we're hearing pneumonia as a possible culprit although her chest X-ray was clear. Two weeks in the hospital and nothing. Send her back and I guess the docs realize they need to do their friggin' jobs.

Friday I think I had a normal sleep but then got stressed when we invited my mother over for dinner. Her reaction was that we should go out for dinner. Uh, yeah. Achilles' heel. Two anxiety pills later and I was only slightly anxious. Made it through dinner and my cousin came to stay over night to help Bob with a garage sale.

I don't really remember Saturday although I remember being tired.

Sunday my hubby's best friend and wife were coming up but we were told they were only going to stay for a few hours. I had maybe 5 hours of sleep before they arrived. They came at noon, stayed through dinner and left around 8pm. Meanwhile, Bob had invited my family over for a BBQ not knowing our friends would stay (there's a story there - let me know if you're curious) so I started to get way anxious when they stayed later and later. I then started to get mad at Bob because he knows how tired I get and how stressed I get so by dinner I wasn't miserable but Bob knew he was maybe in a tough spot. Thankfully my family had other plans so it was only 4 of us but my bed was beckoning. I didn't get to bed until 4am. Ouch.

Today was a Bob and Cindy day. I think Bob realized he'd be cooking if he invited anyone over today.

And that was the long weekend.

Tomorrow is sleep and reading.

Guess what I'm reading?

Yeah I am!!!

(Singh's ARC of Hostage of Pleasure - review to follow hosted by the Book Binge ladies who took pity on me when I asked if I could have the review posted there. I'll post when it's finally done.)

And I have to come and visit you all!


Jenster said...

Of COURSE we're curious!

Sounds like a nice ending to a busy and stressful weekend.

nath said...

I hope you get some rest!! and LOL, sure, we'd like to hear the story behind that :)