Thursday, August 07, 2008

Thanks To Everyone

Thank you all so much for letting me remember Mama Smith and for all your thoughts and prayers. It means everything at time like this.

Today (Thursday) will be visitation and Friday will be the service. The next few days will be exhausting but I hope we do Mom justice in her final farewell.

As to other things, I am reading again and I'm counting many of my blessings. I woke up last night with a pressure on one side of my body like someone was shoving me to wake up. That was about 1am so I got up and waited for the phone call. I then told myself I was being silly but sat up and read the first half of Nalini Singh's ARC (FABOOO!!! by the way ;) - hopefully will find more time to read over the next few days and get a review up). The call came around 5am after I had convinced myself it was just my reading mojo waking me to tell me the slump was over.

Ah, well.

I'm still saying the slump is OVER!!!

Long live romance books!


Marg said...

Yay! The slump is over.

Sending you best wishes to get through the next few days.

Zeek said...

Aww Hunny, I somehow missed this! I pray you both have peace throughout all of it.


CindyS said...

Thanks Marg. I'm looking forward to so many great books in my TBR pile!

Zeek - thank you so much.


nath said...

Yay, finally the slump is over!!!