Monday, December 22, 2008

Brass Tacks and All That!

Hey, the shortest day of the year just went by and I didn't even notice!

That is a small Christmas miracle in itself.

So basic update but I'm sure you are all doing exactly the same last minute shopping, wrapping and cooking that I'm doing.

I need to pick up Bob's final gift - I don't know whether to buy him a tool he hinted at or something completely different and fun. (Okay, I have the fun part covered but we saw something a while back that we both loved and well ... I'm wondering what he might think)

I need to figure out my Mom's 'big' gift but right now, it's looking like movie tickets (that's what we call them). My Mom's b-day is in January so I normally save the movie tickets for that but I'm grasping at straws right now and I didn't really know Christmas Eve was on Wednesday!!

And I think I have one friend gift left to buy.


I just remembered another set of friends we need a gift for.

Sometimes I suck!

Okay, off to make a list of lists.

Yeah, you read that right. I need to figure out what has to happen each day of the next few weeks.

Now I can't wait for January!

And reading! I have to be out of the slump by now!

1 comment:

nath said...

LOL, busy, busy bee :D

What are you buying Bob? (or does he read the blog?)